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Who came from afar? Poem


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Apr 14, 2004
Someone on another loop posted this poem - "Who Came From Afar" I have them
fill out the prize drawing slip, I tell them to fill it out completely, or
they don't get their prize if they win! (Laughingly, I would never do that -
but it works) Then I tell them to turn it over, and get their math brains
ready. and I read this poem.


I wonder who came here from afar,
Give yourself 5, if you came by car.

If you came with a friend, give yourself 7,
If she's the one who drove, she get's 11.

Were you on time? Not a minute late?
Punctuality pays, so give yourself 8.

A Watch is worth 6, each Ring is worth 2,
10 more points if your eyes are blue.

Score yourself 4 if you're wearing Pink,
But takeaway 10 if you left dishes in the sink.

Count any buttons, each gives you 1,
Except if they're White, then you get none.

If you've been to a Pampered Chef show before,
give yourself a whopping 4.

If you Hosted a show, and it was Live,
add to your paper another 5.

Add 1 point for each year you've been Wed,
That may just put you way ahead.

If you're single or widowed, we won't debate,
Go ahead and give yourself 8.

Now Children count, they're blessings from Heaven,
For each of your sons, you get 7.

When adding up points, Girls are just fine,
As a matter of fact, they're each worth 9.

Now into your personal life we must delve,
If you kissed your husband or boyfriend good-bye, you get 12.

If you kissed them Both, You must subtract 20,
for you're in Trouble, I'd say Plenty!

Now that's all, so add up your points to see,
The Highest and Lowest get a gift from Me