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Pampered Chef: What to give a potential recruit

  1. Hey all,
    I have a girl who is REALLY interested in signing. I'm not sure what information I can pass on to her that would be helpful. I talked to her about the opportunity a little but not much. I am doing a show for her sister next week and told her we could set up a time then to talk about it more. I'm not sure what information I can give that will help.

    What information do all of you pass out to people interested in signing?
  2. jenniferlynne

    jenniferlynne Senior Member

    I just sat down today and made a list of 8 people that I think would be really good at PC. I am making an invite up on my computer to send them to invite them to lunch at my house. It's going to be the day my Director and my recruit come over for our montly meeting. I called and got the OK first from my Director. I am enclosing the Recruit coupon in each invite. This month we are having the meeting at noon on a weekday, so I could only invite my stay at home or part time working friends. If it goes well, I may do another one by myself on a weekend for my other friends that have to work through the week. Wish me luck!!

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  3. Thanks Jen. I'm excited about maybe having a recruit but a little apprehensive about this particular person. She doesn't seem the type to really stick with anything for too long. But she asked me so I'm going to give her the information and we'll see what happens. She LOVES P.Chef so maybe she'll be ok.

    Another of my hosts used to be a consultant but quit because she said her director was just horrible to her and she couldn't really go to her for help for anything and basically she just was turned off by the whole thing. She's been so excited about her show and about all the changes in P.Chef since she was a consultant (about 9 years ago) that I'm hoping she'll show some interest in getting back into it again. I think she'd be perfect for it.
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