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Went out for Sushi and got a recruit!!!

Aug 5, 2005
WOW!!! My husbund suprised me yesterday by taking me out to dinner and getting a babysitter for our girls. As if that wasn't nice enough we went to a hibachi style restaurant where you sit aroung the table with a bunch of strangers. Everyone was talking and this young mom mentioned she stayed at home. This is how our conversation went...

- oh wow you stay at home...me too.
=isn't is hard to make ends meet. Cost of living is so expensive around here (we live in Cali)
-It was before I started selling pampered chef. But now I make enough money to have fun with my kids during the week and I even bout my husband a new truck!! (her huband was all ears!!!)
=Wow!! Really? What is PC I've never heard of that. (I told her about PC and she was excited and wanted to sell it. Then she asked how you get bookings)
-Well they provide the ingrediants and invite their friends over... but it dosen't end their... my average hosts get $90 in FREE products , 2 or 3 1/2 offs, and 25 % off everything else. (she couldn't believe it....)

I'm calling her today to set up a meeting to get her signed up for her super starter kit and finalize the deal!!!!!


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May 6, 2005
Wow! How cool is that?! Congratulations. See, this never would have happened if your husband wasn't so nice and surprised you with that night out! How great. Let us know how it goes!


Jul 6, 2005
Wow !

That is awesome !! I guess like they say it does pay off to talk about it to everyone !! Ya just never know where or when a oppertunity will arise !! Congrats !! :)


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Mar 15, 2005
THATS GREAT so think about it ,If you go out to dinner once a month think of all the recuits you can get ..... How fun fun
DoreenZaino Future Director


My husbund suprised me yesterday by taking me out to dinner...

...so now I'm going to surprise him and buy him a new _______
(fill in the blank: big screen TV, stereo for the truck, fishing rod, set of golf clubs)
That's how you should end the sentence ;)

kitty <--- running and ducking under the sofa before somebody pulls on my tail :D