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Unpaid Pampered Chef Show: How to Handle Bad Situations with Host Payments

In summary, the host did not receive a check for her show from the guest. The show is already shipped and the host is facing financial difficulties.
Okay, I did a show August 5th (Friday night) for this girl in a nearby town...she was a guest at a show that my director had done, and she HAD to have that night....all her friends wanted that night, etc... well my director was on vacation, so she asked if I could do it. Basically I had a week to Coach, and since she already had talked to her friends, I didn't seem to think it was a big deal.
Well, she only had one guest that brought her child so along with the host's 2 kids- all under 3- complete chaos. I fixed a chicken ring before hand and then had brownie sundaes as an interactive demo-tons of prep since she was going to have at least 7 people for sure.
She did get some outside orders- whole show totaled a little over $200- but she did not get any payment from anyone. I had to remind her a few times, she was supposed to close out on Sunday. She didn't even call the past host to see if she wanted to order until Sunday!
So, finally I talked to her on Monday (I needed her show to submit for the mid-season products) and she was really irritated that her Host Benefits weren't more! So we totaled everything and she told me that she was putting a check in the mail right then so it would go out Tuesday morning....

I hesitated submitting the show. My director said that she would go on trust that I would get the money on time, etc.... So, finally at 10:45 I was convince that it would be okay- so I hit the Transmit button.... Well, today's mail came, and still no check- Show has already shipped- what do I do? I tried calling her and no answer all evening
So, at 9:00, she answered, and I was nice- Exact words- "I was just checking to see if you had remembered to mail the check for your show? If you put it in the mail Monday night, I should have it by now..."
She said that it was today! She has a lot going on right now and she really didn't care about money- she said "You might care about the money, but I really don't"? ????
What is that supposed to mean?

I had to hold my breath and calmly say- I'm sorry that you have a lot going on, I'm just doing my job. I cannot afford to pay for peoples products for them, and I explained to you on Monday that I needed to deposit the money into my Pampered Chef account by Thursday, and you assured me that it would be there. She said that she didn't care! No sorry or anything. Then she said is that all you want? I said yes and thank you and hung up

Has anyone else had anything like this happen?
HmmIs the show shipping to her or you ? I guess all you can do is front the money, so it doesnt bounce, seeing as it has shipped they are probably going to withdraw it soon. If you are having it shipped to you hold all the products untill you get the check. This is exactly why I have all shows shipped to me. Just in case a check bounces or something, you just never know. Unreal so what did your director say? I would ask her to front the money seeing as she told you that you would be all set. Well good luck let us know what happens.

Well if it is a far away show i will just have it shipped to the host , but local shows come here !
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Show is being shipped to her since she lives in another city. My director isn't home- she had a show tonight....left her a message to call. Unfortunately, i don't have the $$ to cover it right now.
I know you wanted to get the show in to get the mid season products, but it's put your finances on the line. I've had to hold shows open longer than desired due to lack of funds. I make it very clear to my guests & especially hosts that the show will not be submitted until I've received all the funds. I had to hold one show open for an extra 12 days waiting for money!!!! The worse part is that the host doesn't live very far away & I offered, several times, to go to her house to pick up the checks!!! And she kept saying, oh they'll be in tomrrow's mail. Well, 12 tomorrow's later, the checks finally arrived. I hope all her guests called her to find out why it took so long to get their products.
I don't have the products shipped to me because it's not always convenient for me to drive 30 min to an hr to deliver them. I just wait for the money to arrive before submitting.

Jill Wright
Director, Benicia
[email protected]
I now wait til I have the check(s) in hand before transmitting. I had one show an hour away that the host mailed me the check, but for some reason it came back to her mailbox! My husband drove over there and met her at her workplace to get it. The second one was just a forgetful host (I guess...). Anyway, the second one caused me to be overdrawn, so now I usually wait for the payment. I'll have to admit, the other day I submitted a small show without the checks in order to have 2 shows before the 15th. Fortunately, the check came as promised.
How Horrible!I'm just wondering, could she have been drunk when you talked to her. All that about not caring about money sounds like she might have had a few to many. I'd call her back and see if I could find her in her right senses. If she is still not interested in her responsibility I'd have a man call her and pretend to be a bill collector. Before I was married my brother has called for me in regards to other matters and it seems to work well just having a man SAY he's a collector or lawyer. Just a thought.
Do you have the phone # of any of the guests? If so, call them directly and let them know that their hostess has not paid for their orders, and unless she does, you will have to send their products back. Maybe they can "light a fire under her" to get the money to you.
I believe there is a way that you can contact UPS and have the delivery address changed so you won't have to worry about her getting the stuff without paying... then you can send it back or refuse it on delivery. You will probably still have it hit your account though.
Call UPSI would definately call UPS and have the delivery re-routed. You may have to go through Home Office for that one though because the order is not in your name, it is in her name. It doesn't look like you are going to get paid for this one, I would definately try to get the products back. Just my 2 cents. And I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

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I can feel your pain with this frustrating situation!! Since I've moved from one state to another, I've encountered this problem more and more. I've decided that going forward, any orders received post show date (or those collected but not paid for by the show date) will need to be paid by credit card or debit card only. I'm also considering offering something to help get the host to close in a more timely manner, such as an additional $10 if we close within 3 days of the show. Any other thoughts on that?
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I had the same thoughts as Debbie. Maybe you should call home office and tell them the situation and have them re-route it to your home. Then, if you have their phone numbers you could explain the situation to them. Then when you get the money from someone, they can get their products.
If you are calling HO...I would do it ASAP as it may be close to getting to her house.
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I talked to HO this morning, and they said that since it's already shipped, we can't change the address...
It's being delivered on Monday, if I don't have the $$ by then, the HO suggested that I send her a Registered Letter stating that I will seek legal action if I do not have the $$ before a certain date.
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I just recently signed with PC, today...this morning as a matter-of-fact, but I have been in direct sales for 4.5 years. It is unfortunate that this has happened to you, just as everyone above me has stated...but lessons like these tend to be the ones that stick with us.

I plan to conduct my PC business in the same manner as I have the other one. The day/night of the show I leave the Host's house with complete payment for everything ordered up to that time. If guests in attendance need to wait a couple days for me to cash their checks that is okay I will hold the check for them. I have everyone who orders make checks payable to me, not the hostess. I coach the hostess to be prepared to close her show that night, if for any reason we are not able to then I explain that my schedule is very hectic and we will not be able to get back together face-to-face to close out her show. So her options are to either pay for her orders and any additional outside orders with her debit card or she can sign a check and I will keep it in her folder until we close out her show and agree on the amount of the check (believe it or not the majority, 98%, of my hostesses are okay with doing this). Lastly I explain that I will not submit her show until payment in full is received. IF payment is not received and she keeps dodging me (which has only happened a couple of times) I leave her a message to let her know that if payment is not received by "x" date then I will call the guests to let them know that we have been unable to close the show and their payment will be returned (or I offer to go ahead and order the product for them if they want).

After a few years in the business I knew my hostesses habits and if I knew from past experience that I could trust her word and if we were at a contest deadline I would go ahead and order her show while payment was in the mail, but I always had it delivered to my house.

For now I believe that even though PC Home Office can not help in this situation, you should be able to call UPS and have them reroute the package. I have had to do this before, even when the show wasn't in my name. I explained that I was the consultant and, for whatever reason you want to state, the delivery address needs to be changed...or if your UPS depot is close enough just will call the order.

Another option is to talk to the director who felt you could take this hostess at her word and perhaps she can place a phone call to the hostess and have better luck than you did.

Hope this helps!

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I would call HO and get their advice. I would definitely call UPS and have it rerouted. If you can't, I'd find out when it is being shipped to her house and maybe wait for it to be delivered.

I'd call back again and let her know that you need the money TODAY. You would be willing to come by and pick it up. If not, you will have to take back all the products. I'd also let her know that she is going to be responsible for the overdraft fees if a check is not given to you that day.

If she is not in your town, I'd tell her she needs to send you the money via Paypal. This will put the money directly into your account. If you don't have a paypal account, it is free and worth having. It is www.paypal.com .

I'm sorry you had this happen. Most people are trustworthy, but a few are not. In the future, wait until you have the money in hand.

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