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Totally confused


Pampered Laura

Okay the wording is striking me strange for some reason! So many things have changed in the last few years! LOL

The guest special... spend $50, get cutting board free (Feb)

It says "guest special" on the flyer.
It says "Cooking show guest" on the website.

Can people who are NOT coming to the show, but placing an order (outside order) still get this special? Since they're not coming to the show, and technically not a "guest"?

What about catalog shows? Do the people ordering from Cat shows still get this special?

For whatever reason, my brain is freezing up when I'm thinking about this too hard. LOL Thanks :) :p


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Yes, catalog show "guests" do get the guest special. So do outside orders on Cooking Shows. The only ones who do not get the special (and I'm not sure exactly when this goes into effect) is people placing individual orders on your website who aren't associated with a show. Does that make sense? There was an email a while back that outlined this, but I can't remember the date it was effective. It may be already or not until March 1st. It seems that some of the things that are changing don't take effect until March 1st.

I hope I clarified SOME of that for you! :)


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
As of March 1st, anyone who places an individual order will not be eligible for the guest special. Unless of course it is a phone order and you add their order to someone's show, then they can get it. But anyone who places an individual order through your website won't get it.