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Too many people around here are consultants for stuff.I had to


Jun 18, 2005
Too many people around here are consultants for stuff.

I had to pick a day for my first show, which I'm having at my house. So I picked 2 July. Printed 32 fliers, distributed them down my entire street.

Found out today that another consultant, this one for PartyLite, is having a show on that day and she put out her fliers two days before mine.

At least her party is at 7 pm and mine is at 6 pm, so at least one person is coming here first.

Darn it!

But on the plus side, my mom and sister and both doing catalog shows for me back in NY. My mom said she'll definitely get over $150 with hers, because that will be all her order alone! lol


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
That's a bummer! Maybe there's a way to make yours extra special and more exciting than the other one, then getting the word out. You could do drawings for little things every 30 minutes. Raffle off a FREE kitchen show where you supply the ingredients. Make signs that say all that. And obviously that there will be lots of delicious food.

Oh, by the way, with your mom's catalog show in NY, her host order doesn't count toward the $150 minimum. If you don't get any other orders besides hers, you could list yourself as the host and have her be your only customer. She doesn't earn host benefits that way, though. A host's own order doesn't count in the show total, but does count toward commissionable sales. Just wanted to make sure someone told you that. :)

Good luck!! :D


Jun 18, 2005
Oh thank you! I didn't know that. I know it will be more than $150 even without her order, because well, she works in a rehab for mentally handicapped people and all of her coworkers but one is a woman, and every single one of them is a "foodie" and loves to cook :p They all got excited when she told them that I am going to be a PC consultant!

That is a good idea for my show. I am having a yard sale this weekend and I am going to put up signs about the show. Because we live on base, I know only people on base will be at the yard sale and thus only people on base will be coming to the show, so I think that will be the best way to advertise.

So far, it's "Cook With Your Kids", with a Mystery Host and free gifts. Depending on how many people come, there may be more incentives.

At the yard sale, I am also going to put out some catalogs and a Mailing List sign up so I can get people to call. What do you think?
Feb 13, 2005
Hi Kathylynn,

If for some reason she didn't get another 150.00 in orders she could still order 150.00 but put the order in someone else's name. Then she can still get the host benefits. Or say she got 100.00 in other orders, she could split her order have 50.00 or 100.00 in someone else's name then get the rest under her name as host so she'll get a discount on the rest.

Hope this helps...I actually had to do that with my first show...my mom's. She only had 100.00 in orders from her show, so she ordered 50.00 worth of products and put it in my dad's name then she was able to get her host benefit and discounts.


janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I think getting your name out at your garage sale is a great idea. I've actually thought of doing that myself. ( I live on a base as well) I'm not sure I would give out catalogues at the yard sale though. That might get expensive as everyone would probably want one. I would have them give you their information ( address, phone#) so that you can send them a catalogue. That way you can call them later and possibly get bookings. Some people will do little door prizes every hour at their garage sale- at least I've seen that mentioned on this site before. You can always type in "garage sales" in the search link at the top of this website and get more ideas. If you have a little button or shirt that says"pampered chef" on it I would wear it also at your sale. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.