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Tips on what to do with your old


Jul 6, 2005
cooking spray !!! After reading posts on this site about how unhealthy pam and other cooking sparys are for you, i decided to purchase the kitchen spritzer. LOVE IT !! I have told everyone how fab it is !! At my shows i have the host grab me her kitchen spray i tell the group to read the last ingredient...... PROPELANT !!!! It doesnt matter what brand they all have it !! So needless to say , i sell a ton of spritzers now !!
So what to do with your cans of Pam... LOL !! My kitchen door has been making this awful squeaking noise , i sprayed it on the hinges... it is now silent!! My screen on my sliding glass door was hard to pull open not anymore, a few sprays of Pam it is smooth as can be !! LOL !! Just thought i would share !! :D


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Out with the Pam, In with the Spritzer!

Good! You've replaced your Pam with the Kitchen Spritzer. Keep your Pam on hand for these uses:
  • Nail Polish Dryer: Pam cooking spray dries nails in a jiffy. Hold about 10 inches away and lightly spray nails.
  • Remove grease and paint from your hands: Keep a can in the garage for your hubby – you don’t want him coming in and messing up your clean sink!
  • Bicycle chain sticking? Spray it with a little non-stick cooking spray.
  • Door Squeaks: Spray PAM or other cooking spray and spray on those door squeaks to silence them. After spraying, work the door back and forth to allow the spray to penetrate the hinge. Once the squeak subsides, wipe off excess spray to protect painted surfaces.
  • Votive Candle Holders: To keep votive candles from burning the holder spray them first with cooking spray.
  • Bird Cages: When you clean your bird's cage, just spray the grate with Pam cooking spray to keep the poop from sticking. (Don’t spray near birds)
  • Body Builders: Some body builders use it to spray on their bodies to give them a nice shine without feeling too greasy.
  • Spray the Snow Shovel with Pam: You know how the snow always seems to stick to the snow shovel when you are trying to get the drive cleared? Spray Pam on your snow shovel to help remove the snow from the shovel.

Remember after using your Spritzer to unscrew the top to release the pressure. This allows the oil to drain down out of the spray mechanism and helps to prevent clogs.


Jan 31, 2005

:p That is too funny!!! Maybe we should make up a flyer and give it out after you demo the spritzer OR include it in a customer's bag who ordered the spritzer! Great tips!!


May 19, 2005
I love it!

Thanks for the tips on how to use Pam around the house. You can bet, I'll be sharing those at my next show! I hope I get a few chuckles!

Tonight I shared some of our Kitchen tips that have been coming out in the Consultants' magazine & my host & guests had fun trying to guess the answers to the questions that i was asking, for example, which state in the United States is considered the "salad bowl of the world?" I had one lady answer "New Orleans." We all laughed & I remarked, No, not the SALAD bowl of the world! It's California, by the way...Salinas Valley, CA.

Again, thanks for the tips, I'm going to copy, paste, & print them out to put with my other trivia questions! :D


Apr 20, 2005
Thanks for the tip about letting the pressure out. I had a spritzer from many years ago that kept getting clogged. It finally got so bad I couldn't get it to work any more and had to throw it out. I know PC has improved on it since then, and I have been thinking about getting a new one. I think your piece of advice might have been the push I've needed to finally get it. Thanks again.

Dawn Trudell
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Fort Wayne, IN