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Themes - recipe help please


Gold Member
Feb 20, 2006
I just signed up to be a consultant and am trying to get my first six shows lined up using themes since most of the people who are having parties have had them before. One theme that was requested was Italian - can someone help with some quick, easy, and fail-proof recipes since that will be my first show? Any help with recipes for any other themes would be greatly appreciated too. I have found the theme binders but am now trying to work on recipes to match. Do you play games at the theme shows that tie in to the theme?
Thanks ahead for your help.



Gold Member
Oct 5, 2004

The Celebrations Theme Shows for the new Spring/Summer season should be perfect for an Italian theme show - Cucina Italiana!!. There are recipes designed just for the Super Starter and you'll receive information in your kit when it arrives (if it hasn't already!). I believe the Mini Caprese Sandwiches fall into the Super Starter recipe and the recipes are available on Consultant's Corner. If you haven't received your consultant number/password yet to log into CC, let me know and I will gladly email you some of the Cucina Italiana recipes.

Congratulations on becoming one of the PC family!