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Theme Show Binder by Kimberly Runkle: Request for Copy - Contact Sherry Manahan



I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Theme Show Binder that was offered by Kimberly Runkle. I contacted her directly but she is unable to download this information for me due to computer response time. If someone can please forward this file to me I would greatly appreciate it! You can contact me directly at: [email protected] .

Thank you!
Sherry Manahan
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i would also love a copy if anyone has one
thanks in advance
[email protected]
I would love to have a copy also. I am a newer consultant and am not very creative. Any help would be great.
Not meaning to be a party pooper here, but is anyone actually sending Theme Show Binder info to any of these people requesting info??

The reason I ask it that there really isn't anything to send that isn't already posted here.

All a theme show binder is is a bunch of different types of show invitations, fliers with monthly specials, and any other info you want to include (recruiting info, etc.).

Just not sure if anything is actually being sent to anyone. I thought I'd ask.
PamperedGinger said:
Not meaning to be a party pooper here, but is anyone actually sending Theme Show Binder info to any of these people requesting info??
Ginger, I was wondering the same thing...

My binder has the current and upcoming specials, recruiting information, a paycheck or two, other company promotions, the PC bridal, fundraiser and show benefits flyers and a flyer that shows a couple ideas for other theme shows (fiesta, chocolate...). On that last flyer I also say "Do you have a theme idea for your party? We can do THAT!"

I use the new flip binder that PC came out with last year (supply order form). During the show I have it flipped open to the guest special (no more copies for each guest!). I mention some of the other things in the binder and invite them to look it over. At check out it's right there so potential hosts and recruits can look it over while I tally their order.

I mostly use company provided flyers because I want to be reproducable. I don't want potential consultants to think - "oh, and I have to do all that too. :eek: " For that same reason (and because it's less $$ out of my pocket) I do not do special invitations. I add a sticker to the invitations to announce that this is a specialty show and I remind the host to TELL her guests and be excited!
wow! Thanks I was curious what this Theme show binder was all about. You really helped me figure out what I should put in mine.

Excellent point!Beth, I think you've shared an excellent point, especially for new consultants. I love the pretty flyers and even use some myself, but I also feel like we should be utilizing the flyers that PC supplies. They are really great and colorful and free!! Some prospective consultants might feel you have to sit at home and devise all these beautiful flyers at home and may feel PC is not for them.

I love PC b/c it allows you to really do your business your way, and at the same time offer great training, business resources, etc. to make our job easier!

Since I love having a creative outlet, I do alot of "extras" in my business, but I have also seen that generally less is more... I think everyone might be making this business harder than it is ... or should be!!

Have fun with it!! There is no right way, and when all is said and done it can be done quite effectively even if you only use what PC provides..
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Great Points:) The flyers and invitations that PC offers us are wonderful. I did put together a booking binder and put theme shows invitations in the middle and information about joining PC in the back of the binder. I use the binder as a visual tool and to give people ideas. I got all the info from this web site after it was mentioned at conference. Thank you to everyone who share their wonderful ideas with the rest of us.

I've attached the papers I used for the booking binder. On the first page I put the slip we use to draw for door prizes" Thanks for joining us at the Show". Third page I put a PC invitation. Then I also use a Thank you note generated from Pampered Partner and I put in PC "Host a Kitchen Show" flyer.
I've only had it done for 1 show, so I don't how well it will work yet.


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Are each one of those different pages then?
H2: What is the Theme Show Binder by Kimberly Runkle?

The Theme Show Binder is a comprehensive guide created by Kimberly Runkle that provides information and resources for planning and executing a successful theme show.

H2: How can I obtain a copy of the Theme Show Binder?

You can obtain a copy of the Theme Show Binder by contacting the creator, Kimberly Runkle, directly or through someone who already has a copy. You can also try searching for it online or in libraries.

H2: Why is the creator, Kimberly Runkle, unable to download the information for me?

It is likely that Kimberly Runkle is unable to download the information for you due to technical issues with her computer or internet connection. She may also have limited access to the file or be unable to share it due to copyright restrictions.

H2: Can someone else forward the Theme Show Binder file to me?

Yes, if someone else has a copy of the Theme Show Binder, they may be able to forward it to you. However, they may also face similar limitations as the creator, Kimberly Runkle, in terms of sharing the file.

H2: How can I contact Sherry Manahan for the Theme Show Binder?

You can contact Sherry Manahan directly at [email protected] to request a copy of the Theme Show Binder. Be sure to provide your contact information and a brief explanation of why you are requesting the file.

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