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Stainless Steel Bowls Price


Jan 31, 2005
At my last show - someone made a really good point about the stainless steel bowls that I thought I'd share with you all.

I bring those bowls to my shows because I think they look great displayed and I've also noticed people actually "see" the details better (silicone bottoms, internal measure marks, etc) rather than just reading about them. Anyway, some of the ladies were commenting on how expensive they were and continued on flipping through the catalog. Then another customer who over heard that said, "You know, I recieved some stainless steel bowls when I got married years ago (she emphasized "years") and I still have mine to this day and use them quite often!" She continued on and said her bowls don't have all the features ours has, but if they did, she said she would use them so often they probably wouldn't reach the dishwasher! After hearing that, the $69.50 didn't seem like such a hefty price to pay for bowls you'll use your whole life! ;) I thought about it and it made total sense because my mom has had these stainless steel bowls (not PC's ofcourse) for god knows how many years and how often I have seen them used! And it's not like those things will ever break!! :p

Those women who made the comments about how expensive they were really understood her point and said that they will contact me after payday with an order for those bowls! :D I gave that lady who made those helpful comments a free SB and thanked her! I told her she would be great at what I do!!

Anyway, I wanted to share that story with you. So that if someone makes those comments about the bowls at one of your shows - besides listing the features, you can mention how long they will stay in their home for! It was kind of an eye opener and justified the price alittle more!

Ann F

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Gold Member
Nov 11, 2004
My director said they were essentially the same price as the ones at Williams-Sonoma, but ours have all those great features, and W-S were "plain".


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Mar 17, 2005
Thank you for sharing your story Ericka! I have the stainless steel bowl set that was given to my parents as a wedding gift - 46 yrs ago!! :eek:

What an awesome selling point! :cool:

Lee Anne


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Feb 14, 2005
I always tell my guests that if they buy that bowl set they will have it for years and will be one of the things their daughters or daughter in laws will want passed down to them.