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Pampered Chef: So peeved, another Dec cancellation

  1. DebbieJ

    DebbieJ Legend Member

    I have been trying to get a hold of this woman for host coaching and kept getting her machine. We had exchanged several emails and I know she was excited about her show.

    I finally got a hold of her today and she cancelled on me. Turns out no one can come. Understandable givent that it's December, but she could have called me back!

    Nov 30, 2005
  2. KHocutt

    KHocutt Member

    you are not alone

    I can totally sympathize with you. The past 3 months have been amazing for me (all SS months) and it seems like someone has hit the brake system without me knowing. I had a show scheduled on the 2nd of Dec. and the host seemed super excited about it, she even emailed me about her decorations for Christmas that she was putting up and was going to make cider, etc., and she was going to use her Free Product credit to sign up as a consultant. Well, I was blown away when she emailed me to cancel the show on Monday. She said that her dad is ill and she has been taking care of him; which if that is true I understand...but the way the situation worked out I just dont know. She says she wants to maybe reschdule after the new year.
    Then my show for Dec 6th wanted to reschdule for the 13th, which is fine...
    I only had 4 shows booked in Dec., now I have 3, which I really wanted to make the most of since we have such great incentives with the new products, etc., but it's just not looking too good. I just hope the 13th doesnt cancel all together!
    I really hope January turns out better....for me and you!
    Dec 1, 2005
  3. PCAbby

    PCAbby Member

    My November waas like that! They say book your January by THanks giving and I had 5 November shows and all but one cancled!(two last minute!) Thankfully one rescheduled for December but now another Deceber host cancled! Itshorrible because November wasmy SS3, andI had quite a bite banked! i went into it expecting to earn my SS3 plus a bonus andcame out with NOTHING.
    So now the holidays arehere, eveeryone is 'already going to two more demo parties just this week" and NO ONE WANTS to BOOK, even with the awesome incentives being offered!
    Dec 5, 2005
  4. Lisa S

    Lisa S Member

    Tell her to do a catalog show. Just because no one can come to her house does not mean you cannot still get a show out of it... especially if she was excited about the show.

    Have her pass around catalogs this week and get all the orders in before the deadline. I did this with two hosts this month. I lost the kitchen shows but they are both still doing catalog shows. (and honestly, with the snow we had this weekend - I was thrilled the show had cancelled!)

    Good luck!
    Dec 5, 2005
  5. I don't buy the whole "I'm too busy because of the holidays" line.
    I mean, it isn't as if a PC show takes a week to do. It's a few HOURS out of a whole month! Don't tell me people can't fit it in SOMEWHERE! It also isn't as if they don't KNOW that Christmas is in December when the BOOK the stupid show.

    Sorry, if someone is going to be rude enough to cancel, they at LEAST need to come up with a better excuse then "I can't get enough people because of the holidays.". Gimme a BREAK!

    I think cancelling a show outside of death or serious illness is EXTREMELY inconsiderate. If a consultant has set aside THAT time in her calendar for a host, then that host should have the decency to stick to it.
  6. cajunchelle

    cajunchelle Member Gold Member

    Are you giving them something to book at show? As in are you saying whoever books a show gets this free? If that is the case, maybe they are only booking shows to get the free product right then and there and are going to cancel it when the time comes around. If you are I would suggest telling them once their show is booked and held then they get the free product.
    Dec 5, 2005
  7. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    December seems to be a bad month for shows huh?

    I have a Dec 9 party and today she told me she only has 2 people coming so far and that she might want to change it for January.


    This is my SSM2 and I really need this show. I've also tried getting others to book but the whole, "It's Christmas and I can't right now cause it's just crazy at the moment" excuse is driving ME crazy.

    The best I've been able to do is a PC gift exchange with friends at my house this Saturday the 10th.

    OH VEY!
    Dec 6, 2005
  8. KHocutt

    KHocutt Member

    another one bites the dust in december!

    Well, I have had another cancellation in December! My host for the 10th cancelled due to a car accident last week. Dont really know how that is relevant since she wasnt hurt, but...she reschd. for January. My Dec. is really not going great at all...I dont see how other consultants do so well in Dec.! I just hope the 2 shows I do have do really high volume. :confused:
    Dec 6, 2005
  9. luvs2sellit

    luvs2sellit Advanced Member

    Ladies let's remember how blessed we are to do be able to sell PC. I too get frustrated at times but you have to remember that the December is such a jam packed month for some people. I don't even bother trying to book December shows. I had 2 people want to book shows this month and I did because they asked. One cancelled but I just figured it was not meant to be. If people are telling you they are too busy or have had car accidents, be patient and thoughtful. You never know when you might have to cancel a show yourself and hope that the host will show you patience as well. Also remember too that not only consultants use this web site. We have customers that visit quit often and they are reading the negative things that are said about hosts.
    Dec 6, 2005
  10. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    My December 9 may have to reschedule. She said, she really wants to help me out but she's not getting any YES's out of anyone cause of the Holidays.

    I told her, You know what, why don't we reschedule for January cause the Hostess benefits are 50% more in Free Product Value. And she got all excited and said, Can we do that then and I said YES!

    She was so happy and so am I.

    Question though: If I don't sell anything this month, I won't go inactive will I? This is SS month 2.

    Thanks and by the way, I'm thankful I came across this site, everyone here has such great ideas like the Lay-A-Way plan and I already have friends interested in it. Thanks!
    Dec 6, 2005
  11. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    I don't believe you can go inactive during your SS months. But if you don't sell anything by your 4th month, I believe you go inactive then. In the US, we need to submit $200 every other month to stay active.
  12. AFwife

    AFwife Guest

    Thanks! I ran to my Policies and procedure book and looked it up. haha

    I'm in the UK but I'm a US consultant cause I'm military. Well my husband is but as his spouse I can sell in Dollars vs. Pounds. Which is great cause when we move back to the states all I have to change is my address and bank account with PC and keep selling from there and not have to buy a whole new kit.

    Ok cool so I just gotta make sure to not go inactive after SS months. Which I'm sure I won't I have booking for after the New Year. :D

    Thanks again!
    Dec 6, 2005
  13. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    Sure! No problem.

    I've had cancellations lately, too, and I have a suggestion. Not every person takes me up on this, but what I encourage the hosts to do is change it to a catalog show. Then she can still collect orders and people can do some EASY holiday shopping and she'll hopefully get a good discount. All she needs is $150 in sales to count it as a show and for her to get a little discount. Since most hosts who do this DO want to reschedule their Kitchen Show, I'll enter them as a booking off of their own show. What that means is come time for their Kitchen Show, they can get the monthly host special as the HOST, and another one as the host who it booked from. Hope that makes sense! I have a couple people doing this and that way it reinforces that they will reschedule their show and get an extra little bonus for doing so. :)
  14. Chef Kearns

    Chef Kearns Legacy Member Gold Member


    No, you won't go inactive. You cannot go inactive during your Super Starter period. After that if you submit at least $200 in sales every other month you're good. Them's the rules in the U.S I am not sure if they are different in the U.K.
    Dec 6, 2005
  15. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    I haven't been able to book any shows for Nov. or Dec. They tell me that they are too busy to mess with a show or catalog show, and that it is a bad time of the year. Guess they aren;'t interested in Pampered Chef for gifts.
    I have even offered extra incentives out of my own pocket. Still nothing.
    Dec 6, 2005
  16. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    I also had 3 shows for this month, but 2 rescheduled for January. I have one more large order I can put through as a show but it won't give me enough sales to get any spring products free. I wish we could have earned spring products last month or in January. I really don't understand why they make it in December that we earn spring products.
    Dec 6, 2005
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