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Show for senior citizens

Sep 14, 2005
Hi! I've just booked a show with the Director of a local senior citizens center. The show is booked for during the day in May at the center and the guests will mostly be senior citizens. This is NOT a nursing home or assisted living home, but a social place for them to gather, etc. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever done a show for a more "mature" group....ideas for possible recipes, themes, products to promote, etc., would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!


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Jan 4, 2005
I have a fundraiser on Sunday and the host said that alot of the guests will be senior citizens. She requested that I bring the jar opener which I always do anyway. Things like that. Altho we want to promote the higher priced cookware, the small saute pans are perfect size for one or two people and that with a scraper is nice to have. Tell them they can scramble their eggs with hardly any clean-up involved! Remember too that they are probably more "traditional" in what they eat. On Sunday, they have requested the Chicken-Broccoli braid. As I think of more ideas, I will post!
Oh - I just noticed you are booked for May - be sure to promote the HWC products.
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Apr 10, 2005
The small stoneware pieces

Are great for one or two person households, and the prep bowls are great for small amounts of left overs and snacks, mini cakes, egg muffin sandwiches, etc.

Definitely mention the micro cookers. Ice cream scoop is so easy to use. Small Chillzanne bowl for picnics, trips.

Mention they would want at least one larger piece of stoneware for when the family visits...rectangle baker or bar pan.

Those are off the top of my head. I use most of these "ideas" when I have older people, or people I know who are single, living in a dorm, etc.

I have also attached the "But I hate to Cook" flyer, that mentions products that might appeal to those who are beyond doing major cooking for themselves!


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Mar 27, 2005
This is a great idea. My grandma is part of a senior center and she always is talking about how certain people come in and talk. I wonder who to get a hold of for something like this.


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Nov 9, 2005
I've done three Dessert parties at our local Senior high rise Community. They
surprised me by buying gifts such as Stainless Steel Bowl set for a daughter as
a thanks for all the hauling around she had done. Another bought the Bar B-Q set for a Son as a thank you for his assistance. She was my hostess last June and bought it with the hostess bonus. Some will buy the towels and lotions, or soap dispenser; small bar pan for reheating leftovers from restaurant meals. I myself am a Senior Citizen, and would simply say that we
have more discretionary money than younger folks who are still supporting young families. Don't be afraid to show the quality stuff we have, and suggest it as Shower and Bridal gifts. You might even pick up a few registry candidates because Grandma suggests it to them.


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Nov 24, 2004
Salt & Pepper Mill is good for the elder too. Fresh tasting pepper without them having to try to hold and grind at the same time. One hand operation, or perhaps two for the really weak strengthed individuals.
I'd work in a game of Bingo also. The product names in each square, or have them fill in their own card with names, then begin the game with the products you use, etc.