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Recruiting at Fairs and other venues


Novice Member
Apr 10, 2006
Hi Everyone,

I have two craft fairs coming up and I was wondering what ideas you had about presenting recruiting materials. I have a tri-fold poster board that I would like to put wedding shower info, booking info, and recruiting info. on it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!



Oct 16, 2005
My suggestion would be to try to schedule a time either by phone or in person that you can meet with the person again. I did a fair and had 5 solid recruit leads, and now I can not get in touch with any of them.... Lesson learned. So just like booking a show right away, schedule a time to meet again to go over questions.


Legend Member
Dec 1, 2005
I would have a drawing box for a product or gift certificate and have people fill out the drawing slips. Maybe have something on the box saying they don't count unless all the boxes are filled out. (Do you want to have a show, etc.) Another thing I heard on a booking CD was saying if you don't answer the questions I'll assume they are all yesses! If you get a chance to talk to the people filling out the slips ask if you can show them a few things and show them the super-starter brochure and kit contents. When people see they can get all those products for $90 it creats interest. Show them that if they hold a show they can get it for $50. You might just get a booking and a recruit!


Legend Member
Oct 6, 2005
When I do fairs I set up one part of my table with all the products that come in the kit with a sign that says "Ask me how you can get all this for $90."

And I always have a drawing at my table so folks fill out the slips and mark if they are interested.