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Pampered Chef: Question about Vista Print & business cards

  1. funinyourkitchen

    funinyourkitchen Novice Member

    I am about to make an order with Vista Print for some business cards, just the 250 for free to start since I'm a new consultant still in my 90 days. But I want to be sure I stick within the P&P. Can I put The Pampered Chef with my name below? What other info should I put on my business card? I really don't like the idea of having my home address on them though.

    Any help is welcome!!
  2. kristina16marie

    kristina16marie Advanced Member Gold Member

    I just started in Feb too! On my cards & my stamp I have:

    Independent Consultant for The Pampered Chef
    Phone #
    Email Address
    Personal Website Address

    I would NOT put my home address on the business cards. People should be able to get a hold of you with the other information you provided.

    Good luck!
  3. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    You can put the company name, but you have to follow it with ® to be completely within the policies. You must also include your title, whether you use your actual title or simplify it to "Independent Consultant." You cannot use the logo.

    I also do not have my home address on my cards. It allows me to use a slightly larger font without looking too crowded. And very few of my customers actually need my address. I'll give it to them if they ask for it (to mail me checks, for example).
    Apr 15, 2009
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