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Pampered Chef: Qualified for SS1!

  1. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    Well, I did it!! I just recieved all my new FREE products for SS1.
    I love the small saute pan!! Just kinda afraid to use it.
    I don't want to damage it!! Can you use the bamboo spoons with your pans also??
    Aug 8, 2005
  2. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    Yes, definitely! Once you use your small saute pan, you will want to but the rest of the professional cookware! I have the saute pan, the stir-fry skillet and the professional 4 piece set. I don't have any Gen II but I LOVE the professional. :D
    Aug 8, 2005
  3. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    Thanks! Iv'e always bought $75 pan sets. They are nice for a short time, and then they start getting crappy. So, I have got to reallize this is a Pampered Chef product! It's gotta be lasting and just terrific!! I love the rest of their products, so I guess I will use my new pan
    Aug 8, 2005
  4. Pampered Heather

    Pampered Heather Novice Member


    Good for you!! This is my 1st SS month so I hope I do as well.
  5. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    Congrats Heather

    Which of the SS1 bonuses did you receive. The new one or the old one?
    Aug 9, 2005
  6. ChefSandyK

    ChefSandyK Member


    Way to go! I hope SS2 goes just as well. (and this gives me hope that I might actually qualify during my SS1 myself...lol).

    Congratulations again,
    Aug 9, 2005
  7. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    I believe I got the old one. I got the small saute pan, cookbook, SA med. bowls/plate, med. bar stone, SW seasoning, and I think that's it.
    If I qualify for SS2 and SS3, Will I begin earning the new SS gifts now, or will I still recieve the old.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2005
    Aug 9, 2005
  8. gbirkes

    gbirkes Novice Member

    I had the same question since August is my SS1 as well. I called home office and they said that as of Sept. 1st we will get the new SS bonuses only. So think really hard on what plus bonus you are going to try to earn. I was going to try for the (old)new products so I could have the stainless steel bowls and prep bowls, but now there is no point since that is now in the (new) SS month 3 bonus kit. If you want to earn any of the old plus bonuses you have to earn them this month or not at all.

    I think it would have been much nicer if we were given a choice... oh well.
    Aug 9, 2005
  9. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    I really wanted the old Stoneware bonus, but I guess that's not going to happen. The new Stoneware bonus doesn't come with as many stones.
    Aug 9, 2005
  10. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    Yep, I already own some of the things in the new ones. I was steering away from buying stuff that I had the opportunity to earn. Oh well, guess I'll just have a few doubles, that I could sell or keep.
    Aug 9, 2005
  11. PamperedGinger

    PamperedGinger Advanced Member


    CONGRATULATIONS! Make sure you tell everyone at your shows and share your enthusiasm! WAY TO GO and KEEP IT UP!
  12. proudmama02

    proudmama02 Member

    Thanks! Even though I may end up with doubles, I now have the opportunity to earn the new products. PC is great!
    Aug 9, 2005
  13. reegrace

    reegrace Member

    What's the difference in the old SS stuff and the new. My SS1 is September. My recruiter gave me a brochure but I don't know if it is the old stuff or the new. I want to know what I can earn. :rolleyes:

    Aug 11, 2005
  14. kitchenqueen

    kitchenqueen Member

    The New Super Starter Program

    Congrats on signing up!!! You will find alot of ideas and support for your business on this website!! :D

    You will be eligible for the the NEW Super Starter Monthly Bonus Kits. If you submit $1250 in commisionable sales during each SS month (your first 3 months), you will recieve the following:

    For your SSM1:

    Stoneware Bar Pan
    Woven Selections Round Tray
    Stoneware Inspirations cookbook
    Small Saute pan
    2 small Simple Additions bowls (white) with the caddy

    This is a $143.25 value!!


    Ultimate Slice & Grate
    Colander & Bowl Set
    Large Serving Spayula
    Smooth Edge Can Opener
    Citrus Press
    Microplane Adjustable Grater

    This is a $141 value


    Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
    Prep Bowls
    Meat Tenderizer
    Chillzanne Rectangle Server
    Quick Stir Pitcher (1/2 gallon size)

    This is a $151.50 value

    Ask your director if he/she gave you the newest brochure. Your director should be able to tell you more. Good Luck on your PC business!!!!
    Aug 11, 2005
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