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Promoting January Guest Special


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Apr 14, 2004
Almost all my customers are spending $50 or more this month to get the freebies offered by Pampered Chef. I mention it at the beginning of my demo and at the end. When I am adding up their order if they are closer than $15 away I bring it to their attention and see if they'd like to add on. I am also coaching my hosts on this so they can do the same thing with outside orders they collect.


I made a batch of the Beer Bread in the mini loaf pan and I am taking a loaf to each Show this month. I set it out for all of the guests in the Simple Additions and let them know they can smaple the bread and if they purchase $50 in products, they can receive the bread and recipe cards for free, over a $13 value. Once they taste the bread, many want to buy it for themselves.