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Pc Flyers And Ideas Membership???


Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Hello Ladies,
I Just Posted A Thread Letting People Know I Have Flyers And Ideas To Share. I Have Always Wanted To Start A Pc Flyer And Idea Membership. For Only $1 I Can Send You Information On Anything. And I Mean Anything Bridal Shows, Baby Shower Shows, Kids In The Kitchen, Football Theme Shows, Chocolate Theme Shows, Games, And Ways To Improve Sales!! I Didn't Realize How Much This Stuff Was In Demand. I Have Already Gotten Like 20 Emails Asking For Stuff. I Have Helped Many But Was Wondering If You All Would Be Interested In Joining This Membership. Only $1 A Month (up Front Cost Is $12 For The Full Year Or $6 For 6 Months Through Paypal). I Can Create Any Flyers You Need. I Am Not Trying To Get Rich Just Thought It Would Be Nice To Get Paid For My Time. I Stay At Home And Home School Two Kids. It Would Be Nice To Help Everyone Out For Only $1. Tell Me What You Think. I Really Have Too Many Resources To List. I Have Already Emailed Many Flyers That I Just Created Within 10 Minutes. Thanks, Debbie