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Passing Out Slips


Feb 23, 2006
I meant to ask this earlier, but on one of the tele-classes that I did, responding to objections, the question was posed "When do you hand out your survey drawing slips? At the end or the beginning?"

Although I've yet to have a show, I figured that I would do it at the beginning, just throw it in my lapboard and let them fill it out, but surprisingly enough, they recommended that you do it at the end because people pre-judge you and by waiting until the end, they would be more likely to fill out the cards honestly (when asking about the opportunity, hosting a show), as opposed to just saying no to everything right away.

So when do you hand them out? I was just curious.


Mar 16, 2006
I hand them out at the end of the show. They double as the door prize slips. People fill them out, fold them in their "lucky fold," and then place them in one of my products and have someone draw a name out.


Feb 16, 2006
I find that if you mention it in the beginning it gives them time to fill it out and especially if you or you have the host mentioned there will be a doorprize drawing then it gets done. Otherwise if you wait till the end they are too busy gabbing and filling out the order forms to pay any attention.

But that is what I have gotten from my 4 cooking shows.

Good luck!
Andrea Martinez-Ayala


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
I have them fill them out at the end. I have found that I get more bookings/recruit leads at the end than at the beginning.


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Jan 17, 2006
End of show

I pass them out after my demo. and also we can have the drawing and I can get their information for future contacts.
Yes I think people pre-judge the products, the consultant, and the recipes. This way after they have seen, tried and tasted everything, they can give you some better information on what they thought.
I sometimes offer in my games something for filling out the door prize slip completely.


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Dec 1, 2005
I always do it at the beginning, but that really makes sense that they can see what a show really has to offer and then decide if they want to hold one or consult one!! Great idea!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


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Oct 11, 2005
I used to have them right in the folder until at a Cluster meeting someone suggested to change it because if they haven't been to a show before, they could say no, not knowing what they're saying no to. So, at my last show I did it last. I didn't see any difference, but I'm still working on the whole "transitioning" thing with my shows.


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Sep 13, 2005
End End End End End

NEVER :eek: have people fill out your door prize slips at the beginning of the show!!! They will mark NO for everything. If you wait until you have peaked their interest in having a show or doing what you do...you will see a huge difference in the answers you get!!

I use them as my ticket to eat. No one gets to eat unless they hand me their door prize slip. And I tell them if they leave the questions blank, I assume that is YES for everything so I will be calling them to schedule their show and get them a packet for joining the Pampered Chef! Everyone always laughs at this!

Those of you who pass those out at the beginning...try it at the end and track your results!

Just my 2 cents...or maybe 5 cents!:D


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
I do them at both the beginning and the end. In the beginning I have them fill out their name/contact info on the slip when they're filling out the same information on their order form. I tell them to ignore the bottom of the slip until the end of the show. That way, at the end, they can check off whatever they want.