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Pampered Chef: Pampered Chef Couples Kitchen Show

  1. karenschulte

    karenschulte Gold Member

    Does anyone have any fun ideas that they use at couples shows? It isn't for a bridal shower. The gal booked off of a show I just did and said her husband wanted to come because he loves to cook, but he did not want to be the only guy there. I suggested a couples show and jumped on it. Now, I need ideas!!!! Help me, please!!! :)
    Dec 1, 2005
  2. plichte

    plichte Member

    Here is what my consultant did before I sold!

    There are a few things I have heard about since I have not personally done a couples show yet.

    1. Have a competition. Have the guys and girls make teams, guys on one and girls on the other. Make one of the teams make the recipe using NO Pampered Chef Tools, have the other make the same recipe WITH Pampered Chef Tools. See who gets done and looks better first!

    2. Same idea but have the guys make one recipe and the girls make another. They can use PC products. Judge who's is better.

    3. At my show, before I sold PC, I had a couples show. My consultant showed up with her husband. Of course you would need a husband willing to do that. Anyway, she talked through the demonstration while he did the work. It was hilarious. He kept saying, or, just use a knife, because he like using the knives. I had over a $1000 kitchen show with this. The guys guests bought a lot of knives and the women still bought the "right" tools. It was cute and having a guy demo really got the guys into the party too.
    Dec 1, 2005
  3. Lisa S

    Lisa S Member

    You have to get the guys involved...

    I have posted this elsewhere, but I did a couple of fun things.

    1) When I put on my apron, I then put a tool belt on top of the apron and told the guys I didn't want them to feel out of place (they laughed).

    2) During the intros, the girls had to say their name and favorite tool. The guys had to say their name and guess what the tool I had handed them was used for. I handed them things like the citrus peeler, tart shaper, hold n' slice, etc. It was a hoot!

    3) We had a competition with the APCS. I chose 3 people from each sex and timed them to see how quickly they could peel and core an apple (after a demo of course). The last male to compete was very into it... I thought he was going to break the host's dining room table as he was shaking it so bad and we literally had apple juice spraying all over. It was hysterical!

    Dec 1, 2005
  4. Great Race Couple Show

    I was looking for ideas for a couples show a few months ago & came across some ideas for a Great Race show, & everything was put together--instructions for the host, instructions for the guests at the party, broken down into shorter instructions & each placed in an envelope. And the recipes are chosen already. I am going to look for them so I can e-mail them to you. Just e-mail me so I know your address. I think you might also be able to search through the files & find Great Race documents. I am doing a show in January for couples, & I am really looking forward to using this idea. Hope your show goes well, the other two ideas sound really fun too.
    Dec 9, 2005
  5. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    I am really enjoying all of these tips.... PLEASE keep them coming (what worked, what didn't work so well) with couples!!! I have my 1st couples show in January and am nervous! :)
    Dec 9, 2005
  6. crsnlsa

    crsnlsa Gold Member

    all this ideas are so awesome! I have a customer that wants a couples show and I had no clue what I would do! Thanks to all of you I am getting smarter... :D I would also like the information on the great race if you don't mind.... thanks in advance
    Dec 12, 2005
  7. Sonia_J

    Sonia_J Member

    I was thinking of doing a couples show around valentine's day.
    these ideas are awesome!!
    Dec 23, 2005
  8. shano

    shano Member

    couples show tips

    I loved all the tips! I'm having a couples show in Feb and you all helped so much! Thanks :D
    Jan 8, 2006
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