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Pampered Chef Anniversary Shows


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Apr 14, 2004
I just celebrated my 8th year in Pampered Chef so last night at my show I offered some Anniversary Specials.

The first special was that anyone who placed an order of $55 or more before shipping and tax, would get the pie crust shield for free. I chose this item as the freebie because it's been a top seller of mine and the price was right. I knew so many people were already buying it, I figured who wouldn't want it for free? All but one person's order was over $55 last night!!!!!

I made up a poster board that has pictures from the Pampered Chefcatalog cut out and glued onto it. The pictures I put on it are the APCS, 2 SA small bowls with the small bowl caddy, cookie press, food chopper, large bar pan, oil dipping set, double boiler and the Gen II Double boiler. The poster says Anniversary Specials....Your choice, $5.00

I tell them during the show that there are going to be alot of specials. The first one is that anyone who orders tonight will get the SBRC free from PC. The 2nd special is my Anniversary special, the pie crust shield for free with a $55 order. The 3rd special is for anyone who hosts a show in Dec or January, and then I explain that they can choose one of the items on my poster board for just $5 when they hold their show in Dec-Jan, IN ADDITION to the free, 1/2 price and discounted products from PC. AND....then I tell lthem what the host bonus is for Dec and January.

Mary Jo Oyer
Nov 18, 2004
Please explain

I am very new at this business (1 week with my kit) and I admit my business savvy is rusty from school, so pardon the stupidity of this question. How can you afford to sell all those items for only $5.00? I've heard and read about several different host specials from family and friends, but I'm not sure the economics behind them.
Nov 14, 2004
It sounds like...

It sounds like DebPC is offering the 5.00 item at their show once its held in Dec/Jan. I have seen others purchase the order for them using their 10-30% discount (depending on their show) keep in mind you will get commissioned on this as well, so really won't come out of pocket too much.

For example, if its the Large Bar Pan for $28.00 that the future host picks and let's say her show is a $800 dollar show, then hostess will get a 30% discount. The item comes to $19.60, the hostess pays 5.00, so now the item is $14.60 out of pocket. The commission on the show (on average 22%) so that's $176, not so bad after shelling out 14.60.huh!!!

I hope I didn't confuse you. This is from my observation on how it should work. Hope that Helps!!!

Nov 18, 2004

OK I got it; your right that's not so bad for that show size. I guess since I haven't had a kitchen show yet I do not know what to expect to make.
I appreciate your help. ;)