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Old Chopper vs. New Chopper


Novice Member
Sep 23, 2005
Can anyone tell me what the differences are? I had a guest at a show last week ask me that. I have never seen the old chopper so I couldn't answer the question.



Silver Member
Mar 17, 2005
There is a BIG difference between the old and the new! The old one is not as round,or as sleek looking. It has, a spring running up from the cup to the top of the plunger, has a plastic guard that fits onto the blades, that can be a real pain in the hinny to get on sometimes. The part that you push is a white disc about the size of a half dollar, and flat. So when you have a lot of chopping to do, or have a firmer item to chop, it can start hurting the palm of your hand. Where as the new choppers plunger has a rounded, what I tell my guests, a "hand friendly" push top.

My old one works just fine, but PC did a great job redesigning it to be more people friendly!

Lee Anne