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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Ok, I am confused!

  1. I did a Bridal Show last year, and it went really well, so I thought. The Bride herself called me last night and wants to throw a PC shower fro her cousin on March 11.
    I have no idea how the new showers work, with the registry and everything. Can someone give me a "timeline" of what to do, especially since the shower will be so close to March 1st?
    Do I need to do anything special for PP? I realized that my last bridal show, there was a host, but no place to put the brides name.
    I just need some help here! LOL
  2. DZmom

    DZmom Veteran Member

    In my opinion

    I would host a "normal" Bridal Show and post the couple's wish list on your website and then set the registry up AFTER the show closes with the items the couple didn't receive, since the 2 shows can't be combined.
    Feb 8, 2006
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