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New Scripts & Holiday Shopping: Get 55% Off at The Pampered Chef®!

That sucks that its only for canada...i'm still gonna use it...I agree, I'm still going to use it. I just hope that it's not just a one-time thing and that it will be fixed soon.
Has anyone read their email about the new scripts being added to the website? I am so curious! Here's what was posted!!!!

Give the Gift of The Pampered Chef®!

Get an early start to your holiday shopping this year. When you host a Show in October, you can choose any one of our fabulous gift sets at 55% off! Give high quality tools for unbelievable prices.

You can’t beat these savings! Contact me today to schedule your Show.
The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!
Our Serrated Bread Knife cuts cleanly through your favorite loaf of bread every time — no need to sharpen — and comes with a lifetime guarantee! Purchase $75 in products in October, and you’ll receive the Serrated Bread Knife FREE!

Contact me today to place your order.
Spread the News …

A free kitchen tool for November Kitchen Show™ guests! Purchase $75 in products and receive the Large Spreader FREE! This handy tool makes it easy to frost cakes and spread fillings and sauces over large surfaces. It’s a must-have for your kitchen.

Talk about news worth spreading! Contact me today to place your order.
I know, I just saw those too!! Great perks for holiday shopping! :D
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So do you think that if they spend $75 in October, they will get the jar opener AND the bread knife for free, or just the bread knife?
The way I understood it is that they will get both. But who knows....I haven't seen anything posted on CC yet, only the email we got. I am ready to send out my October newsletter but I guess I should wait until this is clear.
i saw that too and asked my director...she knew nothing about it!!!
I was just coming to ask the same thing! I can't find the gift w/$75 information anywhere on consultant's corner. Now, granted, I haven't been with PC for all that long, but I've always seen $50 as the target. Could the $75 be for Canada or Europe or something?? Or maybe it's just an extra promotion? Hopefully we'll see clarification soon. :confused:
I have a call in......and had to forward my email back to the HO. Imagine that...lol. Anyway, there are calling me back. I will post my answer when I get it...

The word I got was that it is a mistake and another email will be going out. Still a head-scratcher, though, on who it does pertain to!
i am on the phone with them now...on hold for the 5th time and already transferred once...we shall see what this is all about!
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They had me forward it as well!!! it has been forwarded to the supervisor...eugene miller...and he is supposed to investigate it. The last lady i spoke to says it may be an on-line order special only so maybe they are trying to boost our online orders, but if that's the case, does it count for just individual orders or the host shows as well? I wanted to know the item number for the order form!!!! well, we shall soon see what is up with this and hopefully it won't take long! They can't keep us in limbo forever!!!!
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Putting it out at shows tonight..Well, I'm going to put it out at my shows tonight. I need the October bookings. Hopefully, it will turn out not to be a mistake, or if it is, HO will cover it since they put it out. I can't wait until they clarify because I have to get ready. I guess if it's a mistake and they won't fix it, I'll just cover the costs myself...

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Just got my call from HOIt is an error...it was to go to Canadian consultants only. BUMMER! I almost wish I hadn't got the call before I left... ;)

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i agree...i wouldn't mind paying, but i would rather have pc pay for it!!! If it works as a good incentive, I might do something like this every time they have a $50 guest special. I think it would give people the extra kick to buy more product! just think, you have 2 people who want the $75 gift and that's a show!!! it would be cool to have someone who has a $40 order and say hey...$10 more and you get the jar opener for free...then they come back with a $60 order and you tell them as a special gift, if you spend $15 more you get the serrated bread knife free...i really think this is going to help boost product sales and if it does work in these next 2 months, i will always come up with a new item to do each month to match the pampered chef!
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That sucks that its only for canada...i'm still gonna use it tho b/c it's only like $8 and $8.50 and I haven't received my phone call yet, so hopefully they will forget about me until my next show so I can make them pay for it!! :)

Related to New Scripts & Holiday Shopping: Get 55% Off at The Pampered Chef®!

1. How do I access the new scripts for holiday shopping?

To access the new scripts for holiday shopping, simply log in to your Pampered Chef account and click on the "New Scripts & Holiday Shopping" tab. From there, you can browse and use the available scripts for a successful holiday shopping season.

2. What kind of savings can I expect with the 55% off promotion?

With our 55% off promotion, you can save on a variety of products from our holiday collection. This includes cookware, kitchen tools, and accessories, all perfect for holiday cooking and baking. Plus, as a consultant, you can earn 25% commission on top of the 55% discount for even greater savings.

3. Are there any restrictions or exclusions for the 55% off promotion?

The 55% off promotion is available on select products from our holiday collection only. It is not valid on previous purchases, gift certificates, or out-of-stock items. Other exclusions may apply, so be sure to check the terms and conditions for the promotion.

4. How long is the 55% off promotion running for?

The 55% off promotion is available for a limited time only. Please check the "New Scripts & Holiday Shopping" tab in your account for the exact dates of the promotion. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to save on your holiday shopping!

5. Can I combine the 55% off promotion with other discounts or offers?

Unfortunately, the 55% off promotion cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. However, as a consultant, you can still earn your usual commission on top of the 55% discount. This is a great way to maximize your savings during the holiday season.

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