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New Category- Please Share Your Ideas


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Apr 14, 2004


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Feb 19, 2005
Selling ideas

I really like to have alternate ideas for products because I believe if you can show people that an item can be used for more than one thing they are more likely to buy it!

Take for example the mini loaf pan. It is great to make smaller versions of bread but I received a great idea from a pc tape I listened to last year. For people who make small meals you just put meatloaf in one well, green bean casserole in another well, scalloped potatoes in another well and maybe cornbread in the last well. They all cook together at the same time and you have a meal in one pan! Great idea for single people or empty nesters!

Of course you always have the simple additions pieces that can be used for decorative items. I have a small bamboo plant in one of my small sa bowls!

Most people do not realize that our cookware can be put in the oven up to 350, even though it says it in the catalog! So why would that matter? How about making a cake in your cookware, it comes out nicely!

Also stoneware is microwavable, I mostly use my small oval baker to heat canned vegetables.

You can also add on a citrus peeler for every mini muffin pan you sell because it works great to get the muffins out without scratching your pan!

There are more ideas but I do not want to ramble on too long! I think customers like having other ideas to use products, it gets them excited that I do not just show what the catalog says it is for! :cool:


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Feb 3, 2005
Under Recruiting, you could add a folder for dealing with Objections. We could post how to handle objections.

You could also put a folder for Follow-Up....the fortune is in the follow-up.

Maybe a Time Management folder.