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Pampered Chef: Need to vent. feeling awful.

  1. Bluiydangl

    Bluiydangl Member

    I had a past host call last week- From May- she was high maintenance to begin with, demanded a date I said I really couldn't do because it was literally the day after we got back from a two week vacation, and ALWAYS calls around 7:45 am. So I have told her repeatedly I turn my ringer off before 9 so it doesn't wake me kids up. So this time she called at 9:58 pm- I answered reluctantly.
    lol... ok she was calling because she had a guest- I didn't have on my orders anywhere I use the triplicate ones at shows - was missing her items from May, and just mentioned it to her a week ago. I said can you tell me what items, etc- Ok so I go through P3- Ah yes it was ordered, under so and so's name. I don't have a form for the person calling, so I'm not sure how her order got on there- (either she added it to combine shipping or the OCD host did, because she did randomly call and add items to the order at odd hours of the day.) I said ok just let her know I'll get it to her ASAP - I have one item in home that she ordered- May recipe collection- and have to order a mix n scraper for her.

    So- I have no contact info for customer, and said ok- no prob I'll order items and replace them, they WERE delivered, must have accidentally gone to the wrong person, we may have just put it under the wrong name trying to explain to the host how it was mixed up, its ok I'll fix it. in meantime, customer calls HO. (HO called me today only reason I knew) I just placed order last night for item, because I felt if I messed it up I should replace it- not HO via an adjustment, besides order did come, host gave it to wrong person. I'm not going to call person on recpt and accuse them of stealing nor ask for items, because I still have no proof this lady ordered. I'm just trying to help because at this point loss to me is a mix n scraper. ok. moving on.

    HO gave me phone number for customer today, so I immediately called to inform her- yep it will be here in a week- sorry for the delay I don't have weekly orders, I actually only have one this month and had to combine it all together to get best shipping rate etc etc... told her I would give her free pink scraper from May too since it has taken so long. customer tells me I stole her money. Here is where I begin to lose it. (I'm pregnant and emotional. she can hear it in my voice that I'm wavering and trying not to cry....) She begins to tell me how awful I am that I didn't recheck orders and I need someone to go behind me and make sure I don't screw up etc etc... I said well I am sorry you feel that way- I am replacing this order entirely out of my pocket to get it to you because it should have been delivered to you. I'm throwing in an extra item as an apology- and I honestly can't do more for you than that because I'm replacing these out of my pocket. I never mentioned hey- I don't know how you got your order on here anyway- where's your receipt? I was trying to give her the benefit. She said everyone has their recpts and know what they ordered I don't think you would get more items and not notice it- I said honestly some people don't remember their order, they're just happy they got it and excited, and the other person may not have realized it was extra- or thought it was a gift. People do that. lol... so she said Ho said the items were never ordered- well they were I looked in p3, like I said it went under a diff name. I told her I would print the recpt for her to show her it was ordered if she felt like she needed that. she said she felt like she needed shipping refunded- said ok I'll refund you 4.25, no prob. She told HO she has a recpt from me- I have no copy, anywhere. So. I'm frustrated. I know its being resolved. I can't make the scraper get here any quicker, but just ticked that she accused me of stealing her money- when I had NO idea she even ordered!!!!!!!!! lol.

    I wish I had called her a week ago- but when I answered the phone at 9:50 that night I didn't think to get the customers #... oh well I'm moving on. just needed to vent to those who would understand my babble...

    at this point I don't even care if she really ordered it- I would like to see her "receipt".... like I said cost to me was what $10 for a scraper?
    Jul 23, 2009
  2. Shawnna

    Shawnna Senior Member Gold Member

    What exactly did HO say to you? They would have all the information...and know that this person has no receipt. What can you do 2 months later? I had a customer order items in October from the outlet. Right before Christmas she calls to tell me her pie plate is broken...she had just opened it and was going to give it as a gift. She brings it and leaves it on my porch to return for her. So, of course I did. She got the pie plate for nearly nothing but I had to pay the shipping to send it back...which was more than I made on her order...and she never once said thank you. Some people are just hard to deal with. However, in my case, this customer will call every so often and place a small order. So taking care of her return didn't really hurt me in the long run.
    Jul 23, 2009
  3. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    Wow. What nerve! I would have said, if you can provide a receipt, I will gladly refund you the shipping. :D Since she CAN"T because it was never ordered under her name, but under someone else....or explain that this is why we discourage folks from combining orders- because it messes with returns and guarantees. I'd also have let her know in no uncertain terms that the HOST was responsible for the orders being delivered, and being a combined receipt, even she forgot who that item was to go to. This has always been how PC products are delivered, nothing new there.

    You've already lost this customer and anyone she talks to ANYWAY...so who cares what she thinks of you at this point. It's frustrating, and you're doing more than she deserves and that's good for you. Bless and release- when you can. ;) Some people aren't happy unless they make others miserable....and then they wonder why THEY themselves are so miserable. It's a good thing I don't believe in karma. :D

    Maybe say a little prayer for her- something may be going on in her life that's just pushed her over hte edge and she's snapping at the first person she can. Who knows.
    Jul 23, 2009
  4. Bluiydangl

    Bluiydangl Member

    HO just said- we have had a call from x, and wanted to see what happened, we don't have her as an ordering guest- she said she has a recpt from you. they had her contact info, and I said let me get her # from you, b/c I'm not sure I have it, and HO said they had tried to call her- and she hasn't answered. So. they just wanted to know if I knew about it- I said yes, what happened was host most have given me as an outside order and combined it with other person and not remembered to seperate it- which is what I am assuming happened. I said I contacted the host to tell her I was taking care of it ASAP, like I said I had to wait to get a full order in to pay for shipping. But did tell her I was going to give her a free item for the trouble. and HO said- oh thats nice that you're doing that. I said well its my job to take care of her. lol. I wanted them to know she HAD products on the way- and she didn't need more!!! So I just said I will follow up with her, and host both to tell them it had been ordered- I said I didn't want to tell either of them an estimate date until I ordered it- and like I said I have one item here, just need the other.

    host said in her phone call then that lady "expected" something for her trouble. said no prob I have a free item, must have repeated this 3 times to her. I'm trying not to pin it on the host when I talk to the customer, and trying not to blame the customer when talking to the host... trying to make sure I take blame for it being mistyped in on both places and still keep them as friends lol....

    moving on- HO wasn't judgy or questioning- like I said I don't even know what she claims she has as a recpt-I've got nothing with her name on it. she may have taken an order form at the show and filled it out herself later and I didn't get it? I dunno. I don't even remember meeting her...

    I had someone order stoneware back in Nov- as special. give it away as a Christmas gift- and tell me in FEBRUARY it was broken on christmas day. then expect me to magically pay for a new one to fix it. ugh. At least yours is a repeat- I'm such a bad buisness woman she has probably already started an anti-blog about me!! lol

    I'm all about helping people- really- just feel I was duped into giving this lady free product when it could have easily been avoided!!
    Jul 23, 2009
  5. Bluiydangl

    Bluiydangl Member

    lol. I know I've lost her as a customer, honestly I'm ok with it- if she is going to treat people this way I don't want her calling me!! I just wanted to try to help. because I could see what I think happened. she yelled at ME because order was combined- said uh I had no idea! You're right- host should have made sure items went to right people. I had no idea this lady was even in the mix!!! I've decided to let all of host's calls go to voicemail from now on. lol.

    thanks for understanding!!! I know I goofed by not calling customer asap, but I didn't even know she was my customer!

    Jul 23, 2009
  6. lockhartkitchen

    lockhartkitchen Senior Member

    Sorry for all your heartache, especially while you are pregnant. Others are right. You won't please this woman and you've bent over backwards. Many times I won't know that someone has combined their order with someone else, if it's all written down on one outside order form under one person's name.
  7. jbondr

    jbondr Member Gold Member

    I understand your frustration. I had a similiar event with a host and guest. The host did receive the products and passed them on to another guest to deliver but then the order disappeared. Everyone denied having the order after several phone calls on my part. I felt responsible for getting the guest her order so I ordered them again at my expense. I was ready to deliver them when I got a phone call from the guest who was supposed to deliver the order for the host. She was moving and opened a box of clothes only to find a bag with this Pampered Chef order. I was stuck with an extra order but at least it was all explained in the end. I was beginning to suspect someone was not telling the truth about having the order and was trying hard not to be mad at all involved. I hope your missing order magically appears and some of this frustration can be explained.
    It is hard to keep all your customers happy all the time. Best of Luck!
    Jul 23, 2009
  8. Nanisu

    Nanisu Veteran Member Gold Member

    Did you tell her that the order wasn't delivered to you, it went to the host? How could you have kept her money???? BAR (bless and release)!
    Jul 23, 2009
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