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Need recipe ideas for Margaritaville Theme Show


Apr 5, 2005
I would love to offer a margarita/ville theme show for my hosts. What are the best recipes to go with this theme? I know very little about Jimmy Buffett and his cafes or what the big deal is with margaritaville but it sounds like this type of theme show could be a lot of fun. Please help and fill me in on recipes etc. :confused:

Thank You,
Jennie :)


Jan 13, 2005
Here is what I have. I can't take credit for these but I think I did change the recipes around a little. Hope this helps.


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Jun 29, 2005
Cheeseburger ring

I am putting together my first show, so this may be a rookie question. How exactly do you make the cheeeburger ring?


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May 6, 2005
jealoj said:
I am putting together my first show, so this may be a rookie question. How exactly do you make the cheeeburger ring?

Do you have the "All the Best" cookbook? If not or if you've never seen it done before, it's kind of hard to explain. You use Crescent Rolls, but you lay them flat in a ring around the round stone, put the filling in then fold each triangle over the filling and tuck it under. If you want see a picture or look at the step by step pictures in "All the Best" (starting on pg. 78), it's kind of hard to visualize. It's a really fun technique and once you practice it a few times, it's a great one to do at shows with all kinds of different fillings because it really wows guests.

If you don't have this cookbook, maybe someone in your cluster can show it to you. When's your first show? Congratulations on getting started! Have you had a chance to practice recipes? I wish you lots of luck in starting your business! :)


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Nov 24, 2004
Ole' Celebrations Theme Shows

Something about margarita's & Mexico that go hand in hand!

Attached is an invitation you can use for any Hispanic theme show. I created it for the upcoming Fall/Winter 05 Celebrations Shows.

Note the special comment on the bottom of the page. Any questions, email me.

Rita Wester


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Jul 6, 2005
Iam doing my first Margarittaville show tommorow afternoon ! I got all my ideas from here !! I made the cheeseburger ring last night it was excellent ! We are having the show outside , she is grounding up and cooking the hamburger before i arrive , i can do the rest outside ! we bought the hawian lays for everyone to wear . It should be fun ! I will let ya all know how it goes !! :)


Another recipe idea for Margaritaville

I would suggest the Beef Taco Ring or Chicken Enchilada Ring as alternatives or even Touchdown Taco Dip since you can make it in the microwave and never even have to put on the oven - a nice alternative to offer your hosts who might not have AC or want to have a quick demo.

I offer a Cinco De Mayo show every year and those are the recipes I offer. They usually go over well. I do Sangria in the quick stir pitcher instead of margaritas.


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Feb 3, 2006
Cheeseburger twist

Ok need help or tip- How can I roll out the french bread easier in the cheeseburger twist. It kept on shrinking back when I made it last night. I don't want to look like it is hard to roll out! Otherwise it was good!