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Need help with flyer for roaster!!!


Jul 13, 2005
I have an idea to offer a discount on Roaster at my own (consultant) September show. I want to add the picture on page 40 on new catalog (bottom yellow aquare box) to my flyer. I am having touble getting the box only.
Does anyone have this picture on disk that they can post. I am trying to figure a flat price to include taxes and shipping (to Host). I know I will be losing some money by offering discount but I figure the sales of $145 nearly makes a show and I'll get free stuff. And I am in my second SS month and want to earn sales $$ toward packages.

What amount would you say for flat price to include s/h (to host) and taxes (7%)? The total prce before discount is $158.90.

I would love to sell at least 4 of these in September.



Jul 6, 2005
allyou have to do is go to the

:) PC web site find a picture of the roaster and right click on it to copy, then when you get to where ever you want to put it right click again and hit paste!I did that with a flyer for the stoneware heart mold, I gave one to all my september hosts saying the person who sells the most at the end of september will win a Free one, from me.(if we sell 5 we get a charm )That should work for your picture of the roaster though ! :)