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Need Halloween Recipes



Hi All. I am having my second kitchen show on 10/28 and it will be a "Halloween" Show with mostly a bunch of nurses. The host is my neighbor and I want this to be a great show. THere will be at least 10-12 people all close friends and instead of eating dinner out once a month like they usually do my neighbor is hosting a show. So I need to have something for dinner for these ladies and other recipe suggestions. She did a braid at her last show 2 years ago and doesn't want to do that. I work full time and won't have much time the day of the show to prepare food so I need at least one make ahead recipe to bring and then make a quick dinner (something on the stoneware) and dessert (I was thinking a microwave cake in the fluted pan). Also my friend wants to try the beer bread and PC dip with veggies and chips.



Recipe idea?

Here is something you could do. You would just accomodate it to use PC products.

You could premake this before the show in the rectangular baker, that way you won't have too much going on at once with all the recipes you want to do. Just a thought.... :)


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