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Mini Muffin Pan Jello Shooters


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Feb 20, 2005
anyone ever made these before? I can't find little cups (plastic or paper like butter or ketchup come in) so I'm thinking of making them but I'm concerned -do I need to 'grease' the muffin tin so they come out easily. If so, will they taste 'greasy'? And how on earth do I serve them? I thought about putting them in my chilzanne bowl with tongs but won't they stick together?

Sep 20, 2005
I would suggest spraying with a pam-like spray first, just to be safe, the I would serve on simple additions pieces such as rectangular platters. I have 3 so it would be no problem for me, but I don't know what you own so I don't know what would work. Maybe you could covr the stackable cooling rack with parchment paper (to prevent from falling through the holes) and serve on there. Or you could go down the cake mix aisle and there should be mini muffin paper things to put in the mini muffin pan and just serve that way. Hope this helps. By the way, the small dixie cups should be with like the paper towels and bathroom supplies. I know it is at my wal-mart anyway.
Sep 18, 2005
We found the little cups!!!

I just thought i would pass on that we found the little cups at a few different crafts stores (ie Michaels, Joannes and Hobby Lobby)
Or if those are not options you could try to find the mini cupcake papers, I know they sell some that are like like wax paper or even the foil ones.

hope that helps a little


Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
Just a little note for those of you with a better social life than mine...

A fellow consultant told me you can make Jello Shots (alcoholic kind) in the Chillzanne platter. Just another use for the deviled eggs side. Pour in the liquid and supposedly they will mold up in the Chillzanne.

Let me know if anyone tries this and it works!
May 3, 2005
Jello shots

Just to let you know GFS (Gordon Food Service) has the small plastic cups that work perfect for jello shots, they also sell lids, so you can stack them in your refridgerator. I always use the small short ones. Paper liners will tend to stick to the jello.