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Ladies night out show

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
From reading one of the posts on this website I had an idea and wondered if anyone has done a theme show and handed out flyers or invites for a "ladies night out" show. I don't remember seeing a flyer for it in the flyers section. I remember seeing one for a couples night out but not just a show done to get together with some girlfriends. It sounds like a fun way to do a show and I was wondering if anyone has done something like that before?


Novice Member
Apr 9, 2005
i havent personally done a show like that but i am thinking it is not a bad idea; maybe i could actually get a couple of diffrent direct sellers of other things and we could do a big, fun,m get together.......ideas, ideas, ideas!!! :D


Apr 22, 2005
If guys can get together for a SuperBowl party, ladies can get together for the Desperate Housewives! :D