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Kitchen Spritzer

Jun 28, 2005
I was watching a program on TV last night that does product reviews. They were comparing Pam and other no-stick sprays along with a product similar to the PC Kitchen Spritzer.

They baked muffins and sprayed the pan using all the different products to compare which had the best no-stick quality. They were all pretty much the same.

Then they did a blind taste test and the only product that really passed the taste test was the oil in the spritzer. Okay, so even if that little story doesn't sell a spritzer, this one might....

Read the label....what's the magic ingredient in Pam, etc., that isn't in the Kitchen Spritzer? PROPANE! :eek: Yes, I know it dissipates...not 100%, but most of it. Still, PROPANE? No thanks.

Now, everybody run to their cupboard and read the label.


Jul 6, 2005

Hi ! I did just run to my cabinet and look ! I have my local stores version of the Pam . it says Propellant. Great . Which is the same thing right ! So iam placing a order today for the kitchen spritzer. Any one got any good tips on exactly what i should put in it ?That is one of the few PC items i do not own!
Thank you ! :)


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Feb 2, 2005
I love my spritzer!! Yes, it has its problems...clogging etc, but so do cans of Pam. I have really been seeing a lot of stuff on arisol cans lately. I received an email about a boy who was "huffing" Dust Off (canned air to clean electronics). He died. It has really made me aware of all the arisol cans in my home. This child's father is a drug enforcement officer and he thought all his talks with his kids about drugs would keep his kids safe. It just goes to show that they are never as safe as we like them to be. He thought this was a safe way to get a "buzz". I know we can't protect them from everything, but it does make you think.

Also, Pam will leave a yellow film on your stonewear after a lot of use. Our spritzer will not do that. And, you can put whatever kind of oil you like in ours...veg, corn, olive, whatever you prefer.


janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I had gotten that same e-mail a few days ago Shawna. Thanks for the spritzer stories. I think that will be on my list of things to get next. Its always nice to have story to go along with a product. I can't believe there is propane in my pam spray. Thats so gross. That kind of explains the funny smell everytime you spray it huh.


Jun 18, 2005
I ordered two (I used to have two, but my husband melted holes into both of them and they lost their seal lol). One is EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), and one is standard flavour-less vegetable oil (canola, saffron, etc...whatever I have on hand).


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Jan 22, 2005
Spritzer Tip

The best tip I ever heard regarding the spritzer is to unscrew the lid after you have used it to release the air pressure. The oil goes out of the nozzle and back into the bottle. I began doing it and NO MORE CLOGGING! I tell that at my shows and it's like a big "Ah ha" moment :)


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Jul 29, 2005
PAM Info

At our fall training meeting this past week. When talking about non-stick surfaces and the spritzer, etc., one of the consultants made the comment that cooking spray, is just one chemical short of jet fuel :eek: Scary! The consultant that was speaking on the cookware at the time, told us that not only was that true, but non-stick sprays such as PAM actually cook on to your cookware and stoneware surfaces and will eventually cause food to stick so badly you will not be able to use them.

Oh and the tip on releasing the air from the spritzer when you are done using it really does work! When I learned this tip I had just replaced the nozzle, because it was clogged and I could not get it to work. Since then I have not had any problems with my spritzer.