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Kinda Down


Feb 23, 2006
I was wondering how all of you pick yourselves up when you are feeling kinda down about business? I have been struggling and busting my butt trying to get any sort of sales. I'm in my SS2 month, and have yet to have a show because nobody, friends nor family, will host one for me. I had an open house and nobody came, but still I keep on going at it all.

I've done tele-classes, I work so closely with my director and brainstorm ideas, but I feel like I am just never going to get ahead. I tried caterers, I'm doing my follow-up calls with realtors, and when I call them, I smile when I dial, and I get the cold shoulder and rudeness from people. They will take your number, and when they ask why I am calling, I tell them and then you can tell by the tone in their voice that they would rather be scraping their nails on a chalkboard.

I love Pampered Chef and I want to be successful. Anything that I can do, I am trying to do to enhance my business, but it just seems like it is crumbling before I can even build a solid foundation.

I have the BRU vendor thing coming up on the 13th and I also have a Bridal Fair coming up in July. I am hoping that I can qualify by then so that I can at least be able to do the wedding registries. Otherwise, I don't want to throw away the $300 for the booth.

How do you work around the kinks in the road? I have that excitement and passion, but after I get off the phone, I feel so downtrodden. I knew that when I started that because I didn't know anyone where I lived, it was going to be harder for me than most, but I didn't think it would be this hard.


Mar 6, 2006
Have you tried the purse with the see thru compartment that holds a PC book? I haven't tried it myself yet but a lot of people here rave about it. Keep your chin up and we are praying for you.
Sep 11, 2005
Have you placed mini-catalogs in your neighbors doors? Do you have children that you can go to the park with and see if anyone there would be interested. Leave your business card places, every time I go to the bank I leave a card near the ATM machine. Leave cards/flyers at your church, contact your list of 100 again.

I got to say my SS months were great I did wonderful since the end of Nov. it has been slow for me. I have had some shows and I have gotten some bookings but it is slow and my sales are only around $300 - $400 for each show. I need to get on the phone and get more shows myself. Good luck try not to give up I am glad you have the help of your director. I am sure she/he can help you and give you more ideas.


Feb 23, 2006
So far I have passed out some flyers @ the stores and laundromats and the bank. They were the tear off kind and 2 people had taken the tear-offs but nobody has contacted me, which drives me nuts not knowing and waiting to see if anything has happened.

I have planned a huge HWC fundraiser and enlisted the help of my dad. So far he had one order and I am waiting on another from a woman that I had sold things to from the local classifieds. She had a rather large order and was going to send it to me through the mail. I know she has a lot going on though with the birth of her new grandchild and another one having surgery.

I enlisted also the help of a few friends to participate in my fundraiser online for May. I'm hoping that maybe I can get my 4 shows in to qualify if there is enough to split it into separate shows.

I wanted to send out a letter to all of my friends & family as well to let them know what I am doing. Some of them "know" but I don't think they care too much about it. So I think I will send off that letter with an invite to the HWC fundraiser that I am doing so that they can order online.

Short of that, I am at a loss of where else to turn. My list of 100 is hardly 100 though. Most of my friends are in college and have transferred all over that we all lost touch with one another and that stinks! But I am not losing hope.

I am a walking billboard too. I have the catalog bag and proudly display the catalog bag, it's my new purse. I just feel so badly when I work so hard and it feels like I am getting nowhere. My hubby is quite supportive and tells me to keep going because he loves the PC stuff too.

I am looking to see if our Park District does anything, but so far it looks like they don't because I was thinking about doing a cooking class or something of the sorts and use all PC things and go from there. I am also looking at the possiblity of the Farmer's Market too. It's a big thing out here in farm-land country.

I think I will try leaving business cards at random places and see what happens. I do have some old catalogs and those bags from Nancy's Artwork, so I might try to place them around somewhere else and see what happens. I am prepared with Wedding Registry stuff, but there is really no point in placing it out until I can actually do registries.


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Dec 1, 2005
Have you thought about doing a Help Whip Cancer Fundraiser? I am getting a great response form people who want to buy knowing that a portion is going to a good cause. Try calling local doctor's offices or hair salons. Ask them if it would be okay if you dropped off a few catalogs to raise money for breast cancer research. Most will say yes!! Then when you go to drop them off you don't feel like you're soliciting. Give them a firm date of when you'll be back (a week seems to work well) and have a info sheet on the front of the envelope explaining what it is for, HWC products, payment intructions, and when you'll be back so no one has to explain over and over. Even if it doesn't work for you, it is something you can do without having to convince anyone to host. I heard on a PC cd once that there is always one host that will never say no to a party-- you!!! Good Luck with your super starters!!

Gillian Wright
Wasilla, Alaska


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Carly,

I've been doing PC since December and I'm having my first cooking show ever today. I had a few orders from friends and family to help me qualify. I was in the same boat as you, my family didn't want to have shows, I have a very small circle of friends who also weren't interested. So, I started setting up at craft fairs and church yard sales and had products displayed, and I had a drawing for a free (I buy the ingredients) cooking show and that's actually how I got my first two bookings. Since then I've been calling bridal shops, gyms, etc. to see if I could leave some business cards there. A lot of small businesses are willing to help in that respect. I've also been contacting schools,dance studios, and churches about having fundraisers...and finally all of my hard work is paying off.
As far as what got me through that tough time....talking to my recruiter and director about how I was feeling, having a very understanding and caring boyfriend, and believe it or not going to cluster meetings cheered me up immensely. I think it was hearing how well others were doing, and sharing new ideas that gave me the "you can do it" attitude!
I hope your fundraiser is a huge success!!! Don't give up we're all rooting for you!!!

Best Wishes,


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Feb 17, 2006
Try going to your doctors or dentist office and doing an express lunch, even just dropping something of for the staff to eat with some catalogs. I did this recently and granted it has only been $200 in sales but it is better than nothing and I got a booking out of it. It might seem hard in the beginning but it will get easier when you get the ball rolling. You are taking some great steps to have a great business, remember that what you do now will show up in 90 days, keep doing what you are doing and you will see results.

Also remember that for every "no" you hear you are one step closer to a "yes"! Attitude is everything so stay positive...


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Jan 17, 2006
Don't feel bad

Oh it's hard to start any kind of business. We are naturally prone to want to succeed immediately but sometimes it takes time.
There are those people who it seems, get shows left and right from family, friends, neighbors, etc...
Then there are those, like me, who also have a small circle of friends, I stay home and homeschool, and I don't have family and friends banging down my door wanting to do a show for me
I have had to work at it. My first year I begged, pleaded and bribed hosts left and right to have shows for me. Now I have found a loyal customer base, and even some women who call ME to have shows. Going from circle to circle to circle I have found ladies who love PC and who are not in my immediate circle of friends. It's great!! My calendar is full from now until June. I am excited and with much prayer I am very thankful to the Lord who has opened the door for me to be successful this year, and also getting out there leaving catalogs, business cars, mini catalogs, flyers, etc everywhere!!!

I too have been waiting and some have paid off, others have not. Patience is truly a good thing, but also getting out of my comfort zone really helped me. I know it seems like you have left catalogs and business cards everywhere in hopes of getting someone who is interested. In time it will pay off. Just keep trying and don't give up.

I was feeling down my first year also but I never gave up!! Now it has paid off! Continue to work hard and you will see, they are out there (PC lovers). We just have to find them.

Remember give aways, raffles, prizes, etc will draw people all the time at fairs, or booths. Be sure to have them fill out information slips so you can contact them later.

Also try to do daycare centers, I did a couple and got shows that way too. Try to advertise at kids resale shops, and places where moms shop.
Good luck


Feb 14, 2006
When I started, I did a mystery host party at my house. I told everyone they would be eligible for the hostess specials, i. e., 60 percent off special; free products; half-priced items; and a percentage off anything they ordered.
I told my family and good friends that I really needed their support and to please come. and then I passed out flyers at my children's school to anyone I saw. I kept them with me at the grocery store. I had over ten people show up (excluding family). The show I actually split into two b/c it ended up being a $900 show, and I wanted to qualify and get my family skillet (that was the consultant gift in Feb.) Then two people from the show actually did a catalog show for me. They're more willing for some reason to do this. Anyway, I qualified and have been working from there. So I would suggest trying the mystery hostess party. I might still have the flyer I made up, if you're interested. email me privately at [email protected].


Mar 3, 2006
Hang in there

I started selling PC in November. Nobody I knew wanted to have a party during the holidays. I invited over 65 people to a holiday open house and only ONE showed up. I had 2 shows in January then none in February. I thought I would fail. My hubby kept insisting! Then bless his heart he got on the phone and talked his family into having a few parties (although they said no to me 2 months earlier LOL). His family all live 3 hours away but mine is states away. So three times I made the long trip to do the shows. To make a long story short March was an AWESOME month. April is panning out to be alright. But so far none for May.

I have walked my small town door to door and put over 200 flyers on the houses, have catalogs in the dentist and doctors office, and posters up wherever they let me. No calls from these.

I am doing a HWC fundraiser for May with an ad in the paper and at church for it. Plus I have the Pamper Mom thing also at BRU. Then I have a table at the local Community day at the end of May. Even though I have no shows on the books I am hoping these things will get me my needed commission for this month plus get my name out there.

Just stick to it and I am sure you can come out on top! Take it from someone who did not earn a single SS bonus and took 4 1/2 months to qualify. It is doable. Just keep trying!! I am nowhere near ready to throw in the towel!

Good luck and god bless!!

Jan 29, 2006
I am having the same problem. I have even changed my ss month to April in hopes that I will get some shows. My first show I invited 25 people and know one showed up, then I just did a party for my sister and we had 15 rsvp's and only 4 people showed and only 3 ordered. I am so bummed too but it kind of helps to hear that there are more people out there that are having as hard of a time as me.What else can we do? I live in a small town so we don't have bridal shows or expo's, so I have to leave it the hands of PC crazy people like me. Help, any really good ideas.:(


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Oct 11, 2005
I would suggest out of the blue calls/emails to people you have lost touch with. "I know this may seem out of the blues, but I hae just started my own busines and thought of you because you love to cook/hate to cook/like to shop/whatever." This is also the time to call in all of the favors--- all of the people you have bought crap off of for their kids or gone to their shows. I don't think there is anything wrong with giving them a little reminder.

I also saw a good idea about going through a neighborhood.


Feb 23, 2006
Where do you get the bag with the clear section. I saw that a couple weeks ago and thought it was a great idea.


I believe that you can order it on the Paperwork Supply Form. It is the catalog tote. It's very cute! (at least I think so).

It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one who has experienced this problem. It seems that so many have the backing of their friends and family and are just an instant success that it can be a tad bit discouraging.

But having a director and her director working with me and talking with me makes it a lot better for me as well. It may take me a little longer to qualify and whatnot and I may not get those bonuses, but I keep telling myself that the hard work will pay off.

I think another part of my problem has also been fear (a little bit of it). I think I fear being successful and stepping out of my comfort zone. Each day, I have been setting a goal for myself, through phone calls and whatnot. I was doing a tele-class the other day, and it was about what the word "NO" meant. Don't think of it as a NO, think of it as "Next Opportunity" So when I was doing my phone calls, that is what I was thinking about when I was being told No, or that they weren't interested.

I am really excited about May and HWC, and I think that I just may start to call a few Drs offices and Hair Salons and such, and see if I can drop some things off there. I really like that. My goal is to qualify in May and be able to split the month-long fundraiser I am doing into 4 shows. I was also thinking about checking out Curves as well.

I know to encourage some extra sales, I was going to offer a few freebies to those who have their friends of family order as well.