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Just practiced my first recipes, not pretty!


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Sep 7, 2005
Ok, I just finished two recipes 1. the banana toffee pizza and 2. the tomato basil pizza(I only have the large round so I didn't make it squares). I had problems with both the cookie and pizza dough as far as making it look nice! Do all your's come out perfect with practice at your shows? Do you cut around the edges to make it straight around before cooking? Neither of mine came out as a cirlce- oops!

I hope I get better with presentations as I practice! :eek:


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May 6, 2005
Don't worry! You'll get it. It does take practice and mine STILL aren't perfect. If you're doing this at shows or your Grand Opening, just let them know you're a "Pampered Chef, not a Perfect Chef!" It all still tastes the same!

It will get easier! :)


Dear Heather,

I am a former pastry chef and still I make mistakes ;) (at every show)

Today I did the italian calzones from the season's best at my neighbor's show and I used the pilbury pizza dough. I left it out too long before the show and the first container was stuck together :( WHAT TO DO???? I put it aside and opened the other. Very carefully I pulled it apart and got a sigh of relief from the guests, along with laughter. I told them, "At least you will know what to do if it happens to you at home" :)

I ended up cutting the first dough in half and rolling it length wise to fit over each calzone. You would have never guessed I goofed.

The best part about making mistakes at your show is your host and guest get to see that you are just like them and they don't have to be intimidated by you.


Sep 24, 2005
Opposite advice :)

I've had the opposite experience with pizza dough. I usually take it out as soon as I get to a show, open it, and place it on the stone. That way it is easier to roll out. So is using your fingers (good PRE show prep). Just work until it is sufficiently stretched out.
Aug 23, 2005
Cookie Dough Help

With the cookie dough, I roll it into a ball before I roll it out. Then I lightly flour my stone and my baker's roller. Much easier to get it into a circle. Like they've said before it's not "The Perfect Chef". Plus, do this before your show starts so you can "help" it along with your fingers!!! :p


Jul 23, 2005
I've messed up a couple things too, but I don't really worry too much about it. When mine is more amoeba shaped than circular, I just laugh and tell them I failed geometry. People come to taste new recipes, not analyze the perfectness of your round pizza.

Don't worry about it, we all make mistakes and I think that it just shows people that they can goof up and still make their family and wonderful meal. Which is probably why we have test kitchens - to make sure the recipes are tasty and consultant proof! :)

Good luck,