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Hi! I was just looking at the brochure and I really want to get that level 2 cruise! But I just joined in March, and I don't know if it's even a possibility. I'm curious- what trips do you all plan to earn? How hard will you have to work to achieve that goal? What trips have you earned in the past?

Dreaming of a getaway...


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Feb 3, 2005
It is DEFINITELY POSSIBLE! There is an excellent tele-class that helps you plan out how to earn the incentive trips. You should take that.

You should definitely use the Incentives Calculator under Promotions & Incentives on the PC consultant's website. It will help you track exactly where you are.

The key to earning the trip is really to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, and RECRUIT! Work smarter, not harder. The more people you recruit, the more points you earn for recruiting, the less points you need for the trips, the easier it is to earn.

The other important part is having at least 2 shows a week or a consistant show schedule.

I earned level 1 (hotel gift certificate for 18,500 points) in my first 3 months. You can do it. Make a plan, set your goal, tell everyone, post your goal.

I did attach my notes from the tele-class, but you really need to take the class to get the full effect.


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