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Ice Breaker Games?

Apr 3, 2005
Hi. I am going to be doing my first party in early May. I am looking for some ideas for some quick ice breaker games to do at the beginning of the show. My recruiter had one where you give yourself points for different things in a poem - like so many points if you have blue eyes, etc. It was cute and didn't take up a lot of time. Does anyone have copies of anything like that or ideas of something to do at the beginning?



Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
I think the more simple you keep it, the easier it is. I find the BEST way to break the ice is to have the guests introduce themselves to each other and have them tell about their favorite product. They may not know each other and you get them selling products to each other. They will really believe their friends more than you at first (they don't know you yet). During this time, laugh, give tips, joke around and help them get comfortable with you. After they introduce themselves, then tell your story. Tell them that since you will be touching their food, you thought you should tell them a little about yourself. (they will giggle)

Make it simple and do what works. Good luck with your first show. Let us know if you need any other help.

I did attach some "games" you can do at the beginning of the show (think I got some from here). I also attached an ICE BREAKER document that is full of ideas.


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