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I am bummed. I am new to PC. Don't have my first show until the

Aug 15, 2005
I am bummed. I am new to PC. Don't have my first show until the 27th. Monday I went around my neighborhood and put fliers w/ specials, info, etc. in ALL my neighbors mailboxes (200+) and haven't heard anything. How can I get shows. I don't have any family and few friends. I really want this to work but am not sure what else to do? I am getting very down and think maybe I am not going to be as good as I was hoping. Any suggestions?


Veteran Member
Jun 20, 2005
Phone Work HELPS

Get out your phone book and a notebook and start with A. Every person that lets you talk to them write down their name. I did this and was amazed. It does get discouraging, but it will eventually payoff. I made it to Adams and I live in a small town. I just told people that I was expanding my business into this area and wondered if they were interested in getting some really amazing kitchen products for FREE! :D The bigger the town the more possibilities!!!!


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May 6, 2005
That's a great idea about the phone book! Or your subdivision's directory too. I think it's great that you handed out 200+ flyers, but the key to those is really needing to follow up with them! You may get the occasional person who contacts you all on their own, but the majority won't. That's why giving them a follow up call is hard. If you don't have their phone numbers, be sure to talk to them when you're out and about in the neighborhood. INtroduce yourself (or remind them who you are if you've met) and let them know you're the one starting up your business in the area and tell them about it.

In this situation, the phone (or in person chats) is your friend! Just like when I send out catalogs to people who have requested them.....if I don't follow up with them, it's wasted $$.

I like the phone book idea! I'd love to hear more about what you say, Donna! What is your script? Great idea!


Mar 26, 2005
Been there

Don't feel like its a waste when you send out flyers and don't hear anything..
Maybe a couple of months down the line, it will pay off...It's really all a numbers game, so your number might just come up!!

Have you thought of throwing an open house at your home?? I did one when I started a couple of months ago, sent out 100 flyers in my neighborhood and got 2 (yes TWO) e-mails 3 days before the open house. One from a neighbor confirming her attendance and one from a lady who said she loved PC and was coming... I was so depressed before those emails that those 2 made my day...

Anyway..the neighbor came with 5 people from the area, and the excited lady didn't show... got almost $350 in sales, had a great time and got a booking which turned into a $747 show, which gave me a booking that was a $654 show...the excited lady, when I followed up had a kids show with me 3 weeks later... a $460 show...I still have customer care calls from those same shows and bookings still generating!!

My point...don't give up!! I have sent at least 300 flyers in the neighborhood and have never gotten a response..but I sent it nonetheless..

You'd be surprised want planting seeds can do...IT MAKES THINGS GROW!!!!

As you get more comfortable you can actually talk to your neighbors, people in the supermarket, anywhere..and you never know!!

Don't give up!!! If you want it...it's for you!!


Jan 31, 2005
Things will get better

At your show on the 27th, REALLY advertise the host rewards program! Maybe offer an incentive if they book a show, offer an additional $5 to their free product value. People love free things!! Maybe something like that will push that quiet potential host into booking a show. Let your current host know that if anyone books a show at her show, she can take advantage of the monthly host special for that particular month those shows are held!

And you're not alone - all of us go through times where bookings are low and our list of people to ask seems worn out. It may take just one show or a few more to get things going again. Just don't give up!!


May 25, 2005
Fairs, open houses and market nights

Are also a good source for leads. My business was about going down for the count and these really boosted my bookings! Now I'm getting back on my feet again with 5 bookings for Sept. and 2 for Oct. already. And I still have more drawing slips with yeses and maybes i need to get to. :) Don't give up! I think I heard my director say, "The only people who really fail at this are the ones who give up." And it makes sense. Almost everyone who is making real money at this had their share of hard times getting started too. But they stuck with it, kept putting their name out there, and now they are doing great. The same will work for us!