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How do vacation incentives work for Pampered Chef consultants?

1? Level One:Two-night Hotel Certificate OR $250 Gift Certificate Level Two: Enjoy a four-night Caribbean Cruise for two! Level Three: Bask in the sun on a seven-night Caribbean Cruise or explore stunning countryside on a spectacular trip to Vienna, Austria! Yes, you can choose a merchandise gift certificate at all four levels of the incentive trip.
Can someone please explain in detail how the vacation incentives work? I would really appreciate it. I will probably be signing up today - I am having lunch with my Pampered Chef today to discuss the opportunities. I just found out today too that the creator of PC is an Alumnus at my college! What a small world.


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You get 1 point for every dollar of commissionable sales you have. This includes Kitchen Shows, Catalog Shows, Fundraisers, Gift Registries, and Pampered Bride. I think they sometimes have incentives ,where for a certain month, you can earn double points. You also get points from recruiting. Hope I helped a little. Oh, and good luck with your new business. You will find that everyone is so helpful on this site.

Debbie :)
Hi Steph,
First off Congratulations on starting your new business! This will turn out to be one of the best decisions of your life, and being a part of this group will really help you out as there are FANTASTIC ideas and help from FABULOUS consultants from all over!!

Okay, vacation incentives...I'm not an expert, so if any other consultant wants to jump in..by all means, Please!!
There are different levels of vacation incentives that a consultant and above levels can earn throught the year (year being Jan 1st through Dec. 31st) and the vacation takes place the following year. For instance, our current incentive:
Level One:Two-night Hotel Certificate OR $250 Gift Certificate
Level Two: Enjoy a four-night Caribbean Cruise for two!
Level Three: Bask in the sun on a seven-night Caribbean Cruise
or explore stunning countryside on a spectacular trip to Vienna, Austria!

How to earn incentive points:
It is very simple: Each $1 sale you have is equivalent to 1 point.

Now there are extras that you can "buy in" when you earn any of the incentives above: for instance if you have children you can do a kids "buy in".

How to earn the incentive trips:
There are certain amount of points for each level and for each title:
i.e., Level Two for a consultant : 48,000 pts.
Level Two for a Future Director: 46,000 pts
Level Two for a Director: 44,000pts
etc. (p.s. I choose level two to describe as Level one pts are basicly the same for everyone (18,500pts) until you are a National Senior Executive (15,000 pts) Director)

These trips are fantastic! Steph, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask and Congrats!
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Thanks a lot!Thanks for answering my questions! I am so excited to begin this new career and hopefully experience great success! I will be in close contact with all of you on this site over the coming months with new questions I am sure!

CONGRATS and WELCOME to the Pampered Chef family!
Congrats for joining the family! You'll love it! The incentives are great. There are always more incentives going on than just the big one with the trip. That's very cool though! You also earn points for recruiting when your consultants qualify. Some months they have "double points" months where you earn double for everything. There was one earlier in the year and sometimes they do it for two different months, so I'm not sure if they'll do another one this year.

The past two years I've earned level one pretty easily. And last year I earned even though I moved TWICE and had a baby. I was quite happy with that! I chose merchandise awards where you can get $250 worth of gift certificates from just about any store out there. Good luck to you! I know you'll have lots of fun! And I'm sure you know about the Roasting Pan promotion right now for new consultants! :)
So if you earn level one you can get merchandise certificate for 250 instead of a hotel certificate?
Yes, that is what I did. The choices are endless. I think there's a way to look at what they all are on Consultant's Corner. If you go under "Promotions and Incentives" and choose "Irresistible Rewards" there's an option on the left hand side about gift certificate merchants. It seemed like there were even more choices when they sent the certificate information in the mail to me. And you can split them up between different merchants. I did Crate and Barrel and Marshall Fields (a BIG department store around here). I haven't even used the Fields one yet!
Just to clarify a bit further, you can opt for a merchandise gift certificate at all four levels of the trip incentive. So, for example, if you would prefer the gift cert, at level two that amount would be $900 and level three would be $1500. Level 4 of the incentive trip is for upper level directors only - usually an extended stay of the trip we are all eligible to earn.

I have to tell you, though, I wouldn't pass on the trip. I have earned the vacation certificate every year which has been great because we were able to use it at our leisure for a weekend family trip or whatever. But, I did earn the trip to Disney for my 2004 sales which we went on this June (2005). What a blast! We stayed on the property at Port Orleans, were provided with a breakfast meal allowance and Park Hopper Passes for 3 days for the 4 of us. One evening, after official closing at 7 p.m., we had the MGM Park all to ourselves from 8 to midnight. There was a DJ on the main street all night, virtually all the food establishments were open to us to go in and out, the rides were open to us, a fireworks display - and it was all free. One of the most fun things that happened was walking the "red carpet" to get into the park. There were home office staff lined up on either side of the red carpet, behind ropes, shouting and cheering for us. Since we all had on name tags, they would call us by name, ask for autographs. OK, maybe it was a bit hokey, but my 7 year old son, who worked hard to help earn that trip by attending craft fairs with me in Nov. of '04, was wide-eyed over the attention. He even signed a few autographs! Never in all my 14 years as a physical therapist did one of my employers recognize my efforts, or my family's contribution to the success of my business, in such an over-the-top way.

As with any company there can be ups and downs to the job but recognition is one thing that PC does very well.
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1. What are vacation incentives and how do they work?

Vacation incentives are rewards offered by Pampered Chef to consultants who achieve certain sales goals or milestones. These incentives can range from a luxurious vacation package to a gift card for a weekend getaway. To qualify for a vacation incentive, consultants must meet the specified sales requirements within a given time period.

2. How do I know if I am eligible for a vacation incentive?

Eligibility for vacation incentives is based on meeting certain sales goals within a given timeframe. These goals and timeframes are communicated to consultants through newsletters, emails, and the Pampered Chef website. Make sure to regularly check these sources for updates on available vacation incentives and their qualifications.

3. Are there different types of vacation incentives offered by Pampered Chef?

Yes, there are different types of vacation incentives offered by Pampered Chef. These can include all-inclusive vacations, cruise packages, and gift cards for a variety of travel experiences. The specific incentives available may vary depending on the current promotions and sales goals set by the company.

4. Can I transfer my vacation incentive to someone else?

No, vacation incentives cannot be transferred to another person. They are awarded to the consultant who meets the sales goals and are non-transferable. However, if you are unable to use your vacation incentive, you may be able to sell it or gift it to a family member or friend.

5. Can I combine multiple vacation incentives for a longer trip?

In most cases, consultants are only eligible for one vacation incentive at a time. However, there may be exceptions or special promotions that allow for combining multiple incentives. It is best to check with your Pampered Chef consultant or the company's website for specific details on combining vacation incentives.

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