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How Can I Reach My Promotion Goal by Jan 1st?

Rebecca has set a goal to promote to director by October 15th. She has two active recruits and is working to recruit three more. She is also working to attend a Leadership conference in July. Rebecca's goal is to make a positive impact in her community and to help others achieve their goals.
Okay, I wanted to start a thread to keep all of us who have the goal of promoting to Director by Jan 1st in touch and motivated!

Let's post our current team stats, our goals, and what we are going to do to achieve it!

I'll start: :)
I currently have two active consultants and 1 inactive consultant on my team (recently inactive). I would like to promote by November 15th. I have 4 potential leads attending our monthly cluster meeting on October 3rd, so I'm hoping that I can at least sign two of them there.

I know that for every 10 leads I have, I will have 1 recruit. Therefore, I need to talk to 30 people between now and October 15th to reach my goal. That's 3 weeks, 10 people a week. So, I figure that if I have two shows a week, I can hand out 5 packets at each show, and hopefully reach that goal (wow, that's ambitious of me!)

My ultimate goal by Dec. 31st is to have signed 8 people between then and now (qualify 6). That's 80 people! That's 13 weeks away. Therefore, really, I need talk to 6-7 people a week about the opportunity! That's so do-able! Two shows a week, three packets at each show, and I'm there!

Isn't it amazing how everything all falls back on the "two shows per week" rule? :) Also, it's amazing that when I actually take the time to break down the goal, set up a plan, and put it in writing, how much easier and more focused it sounds than just saying "I want 8 recruits by Dec 31st" without a plan!
Thanks for this thread Rebecca!I promoted to FD on Sept 1 - so I have 2 active recruits. I have leads on three more. My original goal was to walk at National Conference in July, but if I work hard, I could walk at Leadership. :)
Wow, super idea, Rebecca!

I really want to walk at Leadership. And I'd love to get together there with others from this site! It will be my first conference.

Maybe all of us who want to support each other in our goals to promote in time to walk at Leadership could meet in the chat room at a certain time each week as well. All would be welcome, of course, but we could focus our discussion on helping each other with this goal.

My stats- I have recruited 7 people, and 6 of those recruits are active. None have qualified yet. They are all slowly but surely cranking out their shows.

I have a few leads in the wings- two that seem to have strong interest, and one more who hasn't told me to leave her alone yet :) Also, two of my recruits have possible recruits! I know this doesn't help me become director any sooner, but it would be nice to have a downline to take with me when I do promote!

Rebecca, I like how you translated your goals into action steps. My action steps are to make an hour of phone calls Sunday-Thursday nights, and of course follow up with everyone. I'm also doing two fairs this weekend and next, so I hope to generate some leads that way.

Can't wait to work with you all towards our goals!
This is a good idea for a thread!

I would like to say that I am for sure going to Leadership, but with my husband's unpredictable schedule, I'm not too sure yet. As an example, his unit came up with orders to go to Fort Hood, TX tonight and go to the worst hit areas from hurricane Rita to help in the relief efforts for ATLEAST 30 days...that can change. Anyway, so far I am trying to make plans to be there.

As of now, I have 2 recruits and 1 possible recruit. She is due to have a baby soon so I told her after she has her baby and feels settled enough, I would love to tell her more. She agreed with me completely and actually thanked me for not being pushy! :) I was happy about that!

My goal is to promote to director before I move which is in 10 months. My action steps really are staying in close contact with my current recruits and meeting with them to share ideas, etc. I also made it a goal of mine to talk about the opportunity more at my shows. I make my follow up calls in the afternoons when my daughter naps. But I may spread it out to reach certain people so I can actually talk to them and not their machines.

I would love to meet in the chat room at certain times so we can all discuss our goals and share ideas and news! Good Luck to you all - as it already sounds like some of you will be walking in January!! :D :D I hope to be there so I can meet some of you and watch you walk!!
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Chatroom Time and DayI live in NM and the time I usually set aside for PC is from 7-8 pm (Mountain Standard Time). Would this time work for any of you? And what would be the best day? How about Mondays? Probably not a very common party day.

This is just a starting point to see if it could work. Other suggestions are welcome!
7-8 is a good time, it's actually a decent hour if you ask me. I like setting aside Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (sometimes Fridays instead of Sundays) because it will then give you a weeknight, a weekend night, and most of the time, I would rathe do Sunady shows around 3 so it's a day thing...after church and before bedtime...it works for almost everyone.
That is perfect! 7-8 Mountain time is 8-9 Central (which is where I am) and that is usually the time I set aside for PC if not alittle later sometimes. All depends on how my day goes. If you girls want to just set a time, post it and I will more than likely be able to make it.
I like this thread and I've finally had a chance to respond and chime in.

I can try to check the chat room 8-9 pm (CST) to chat with everyone. As long as kids are in bed, I can probably wing it.

Here are my stats and I hope to walk at Leadership, which I do plan to go to: I just signed my 6th recruit and so far 3 have qualified. Woo hoo!! My goal is to promote by Nov. 1st. I'm having SO much fun adding to my team. It's been a great learning experience and I LOVE seeing others' businesses grow. It's so exciting!! :D
Planning my promotionGreat thread Rebecca!

Here are my stats and goals: 3 recruits, 1 about to go inactive, the other two will qualify this month. I've got two strong leads I know of for sure, and 13 others (I just finished a fair), that have asked for more info, that I haven't had a chance to talk to yet. About 3 of those look like they will be strong leads. My goal is to promote by Jan. 1st. I don't know if I'm going to go to Leadership, although I'm putting money in conference club right now. I just don't know if I will be able to afford the plane, hotel, etc. :( Maybe if I can earn it free I'll be able to go. :)

I usually set 8-9pm aside for PC, so that should work for me too. Just depends on the night!
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You can all do this! When I went to Leadership last year I had 2 active personal recruits. That was January. I recruited 4 between January and March and promoted in May. Just make it about them and mean it!! ~ the rewards come to you if you are willing to give!
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Thanks for sharing your story, Beth! That's awesome and has really encouraged me. :)
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yes, nice to have you cheering us on, Beth!

I'm going to plan to chat tonight between 7-8. Hope to see you all there!
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Hi everyone!
I just wanted to post to see how that chat went last night. I had new consultant training, and couldn't be online.

I love that everyone is sharing their goals! It makes a difference when you actually write them down and have to be accountable for them!

I'm so excited to share this opportunity with everyone I know. You should all be excited too! ANYONE CAN BE A DIRECTOR BY LEADERSHIP! Even if you haven't recruited 1 person, now's the time to share!

Think about it. 1 in 10 leads will become consultants. Therefore, let's say you need to recruit 7 by Dec. 1st, and only five of those qualify by Dec. 31st. That means you need to talk to 70 people about this business by December 1st. That's 9 weeks. 70 divided by 9 is 7.7777. So, you need to talk to 8 people a week to become a director by Jan 1st. That's achievable! If you are having 2 shows a week, you just hand out 4 packets at each show. YOU CAN DO IT!

Say you are a future director, with two recruits. You need 3 more qualified recruits by Jan. 1. Therefore, let's say you want to sign 5, hoping 3 qualify. That's 50 people in 9 weeks--that's 5.5 people a week! With two shows a week, that's 2-3 information packets at each show! YOU CAN DO IT!

Low on bookings? Look to do a fair or bazaar in your area for additional leads! Step outside of your comfort zone! Wear PC apparel everywhere!

Let's set our goals and keep them in front of us! Two shows a week ladies! We can do it!
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:D Thanks for the pep talk Rebecca!! The way you make it sound - it does sound achievable!! I only have 3 shows booked for October so far, but I think I can manage talking to 5 people a week about it!

I wasn't able to make the chat lastnight because my daughter was sick. But I bet it went well! I'd love to hear abotu it as well. When do you all plan to meet again? I will try to join in the chat (if I am able to ofcourse!)

I do have a queastion I was planning to ask you all lastnight during the chat - I need 3 recruits to promote to director. But if any of those recruits go inactive, I can lose the rest of my recruits if I don't make up for that recruit by recruiting someone else. So my question is - to be on the safe side, can you wait until you recruit 6-7 people before you accept the promotion to director? I hope I am making sense :eek: I just don't want to have 5 recruits and then someone decides that this isn't for them andgo inactive, I really don't want to risk loosing the other 4. Does anyone know how that works?
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When you become a director, you will have 5 personal active recruits. If one of them goes inactive, I believe you have a grace period to add another active recruit. Also, keep in mind that once you have 5 personal recruits, you also now have their recruits on your team as well. I believe that as long as any 5 are active, you remain a director.

I would love for someone to clarify all of this as it is not outlined in the Recipe for Success. I am writing this with the information that I remember my director telling me. I know she always says that it is more difficult to become a director than to stay a director (I think because the first 5 have to be your own personal recruits).

Here's my advice. If you're needing 3 more qualified, shoot for 5! That way, if a couple don't qualify, or go inactive, you are still on the right track.

Just a side note...a recruiting 'check' for myself, and advice for others....
Just remember that we recruit not only to benefit our business, but to help people. If you "need" three, they will be able to tell you need them. If you'd "like" three, you may seem a little more open to the lead. It's all in the way you approach your recruiting. If you recruit with the goal to help the other person, your team will build much faster! You are then taking their concerns and goals into play, basing your answers and information on what will work for them, and making it more personal. If you approach it with a need for yourself, you may tend to generalize the business, and not reach their heart tugs. I know that I fall into that from time to time--trying to convince someone to become a consultant. But as soon as I change my point of view and tell them how this business with help them, my list of leads grows.

Happy recruiting!
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Thanks RebeccaThanks for the info Rebecca! :D You helped me understand the guidelines alittle better. I'm really not in a rush to promote so I'm not really "needing" recruits...I should have reworded that. But I totally agree with what you said about wanting to help others. I love hearing how happy my recruits are with PC, how they are meeting more people, and helping them reach their personnal goals. That by itself is rewarding enough. It's all because I helped introduce them to the opportunity! My goal is to promote to a director before I move but if I don't, that's okay because I know that I've tried. I can always develope a new goal and promote later.

I am excited about these chats and I really am going to try to make the next one. I love how helpful everyone is! :)
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Sharing my excitementHey ladies!

I'm doing a recruiting interview tomorrow, and probably another next week. I have a host that might be interested next month and one more lady that is interested (but we are having a hard time getting a hold of one another!). Now is DEFINATELY the time to share the oppurtunity!

I had a conference call last night with a girl in our cluster that made TPC this year for recruiting, and I am totally pumped! She talks about the oppurtunity through her entire Show, even if only a few people are paying attention by the end of her show! I'm going to try this on Friday night at my show!

I'm putting this in writing, so I need some help from you all. I have a mini goal to be a Director by Jan. 1st. But my ultimate goal is to be TPC in recruiting this year! :eek: I'm ready to make this happen! Anybody else willing to accept the challenge, too? :D

Okay, I'm done rambling. :p
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Rebecca, your summary of director "stuff" sounds right to me. Any recruits of YOUR recruits are considered your "downline" and those do factor into the minimums you need. The main thing I'm going to keep in mind through all of this is even when you have the five active and quaifiied recruits on your team, that doesn't mean to take a "break" offering the opportunity and inviting people to join your team. Keep up the momentum! That's my plan anyway.

I agree that ANYONE can make this their goal if they want to! I really found that once I had the plan of offering the opportunity to everyone more in the forefront of my mind, it started happening. And I agree that it's not about benefitting YOUR business, but allowing others the chance to grow their businesses. At least that shouldn't be your main motivation. Obviously the perks of being a director are nice for you, but the main focus should be helping your downline build their business. At least that's how I try to focus! It's very motivating to know all of the rewards you'll get as a director! It is exciting and we are rewarded for our hard work. :) Good luck to everyone and I'm sure you can achieve your goals!
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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to check in, and see if anything has changed in anyone's status.

I had one of my four leads attend my cluster meeting last Monday, and she's decided to become a consultant! I think she's going to be great, and I'm excited for her!

That puts me at 4 recruits--three active, 1 inactive. I'm getting closer to walking, and I'm getting excited!

How are you all doing????
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I am one recruit closer! She signed today. So I have 3 active recruits!! :D
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updateI had 3 recruit interviews this week, and everyone says they want to join, but won't have the money until next week...so we'll see. Also, two of my recruits have qualified, so I feel like I'm getting closer! Two more have a good chance of qualifying before the end of the month. I don't think I'll promote by Oct. 31st, but maybe by the end of November? Also, I think I have signed one person since the last time I posted to this thread. So I have 8 recruits- 7 active, two qualified. Five who say they will join either (a) next week or (b) in November.

I'm looking forward to hearing updates from everyone else!


ps I'm in this month's KCN for meeting my $15,000 in sales! Kinda exciting to see your name in there.
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Way to go, Nora! :D
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Way to go Marg and Nora!! :D

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