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Host Wants to Exchange Product ???


Feb 6, 2006
I turned in a show last week and it was delivered on Friday. The hostess used one of her 1/2 Off Products for the Bamboo Cutting Board. She called to tell me she hasn't taken it out of the box and wants to know if she can exchange it for the simple additions striped rectangle and colored small bowls/squares set. They are about the same price (the SA is $5.00 less).

Can this be done?

If so, how?


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Jan 1, 2006
I had a host do something similar. It was not a problem! HO gave me a ref number for the return, so the host didn't have to pay return shipping (UPS came to pick it up) and they sent out the correct item when they received the return. As for the price difference, I believe they'll issue a credit.

Sooner PC

Sep 30, 2005
I had a host order the wrong skillet lid. PC picked up the old one and shipped her the new one. The newer one was a higher price ($2.00 or so) and I just told PC to debit my account (She is a VERY good customer)

PC wants the customer to be happy.

Boomer Sooner,
Shannon OVerstreet