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Pampered Chef: Help whip cancer items- lots for sale

  1. Robynchefcanada

    Robynchefcanada Member

    Just wondering if there is anyone looking for anything. I have some left over from a fundraiser and wouldn't mind getting some out of my PC closet. I have:
    3 sets of plates asking $25 each
    20 cake testers asking $3 each
    15 pink scrapers $6.50 each
    10 recipe cards $6.00 each
    2 towels $10.00 each
    Prices are in canadian funds but willing to do exchange rate for multiple items. Shipping not included and i'm not charging taxes on anything.

    P.M. and we can figure something out!
  2. Robynchefcanada

    Robynchefcanada Member

    still have 12 recipe cards
    2 towels,
    10 scrapers...
  3. Hey Robyn,
    Great weekend at the lake!!
    I may be able to sell some of this stuff at Corn & Apple if you don't sell it all. Let me know mid-August if you still have some left.
    Jul 26, 2009
  4. Robynchefcanada

    Robynchefcanada Member

    sounds good!!!
  5. lauriedip

    lauriedip Member

    i could use a couple recipe cards but i got them for $5. and with s&h from there not sure would be worth it but let me know. my sister just returned from vc and she loved it!
    zip is 67144
    Jul 28, 2009
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