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Health Topics & Pampered Chef

Apr 30, 2005
I am a Registered Dietician specializing in Diabetes education by trade. In reviewing some of the PC recipes, although very tasty, some may be adjusted to suit certain nutritional needs.

As a new consultant I had an idea but I am not certain if there are any rules that I would be breaking...

Gather a group of 10 individuals, to meet once a month for 10 months, to discuss, for example diabetes. Each individual gets an opportunity to be a hostess. The minimum requirement is an order of $20 or more. At the meeting I could do the same as a regular show but with the added benefit of a "heart healthy" Pampered Chef recipe. Or the other option would be for the hostess to bring their favorite recipe and I can modify to suit their dietary needs while showing them the PC products.

What do you guys think? Ideas? Suggestions?


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Feb 3, 2005
Melizza.....I think that is an AWESOME idea! Let us know how it goes and post the recipes so we can have some for shows with diabetics or health concerns.


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Apr 13, 2004
That is tremndously cool!

I think the whole idea is really neat! I am a diabetic and I love our recipes but I have very little to go on about how to convert certain things. So what I end up doing is testing recipes by the tablespoon rather than by the normal portion. And if that isn't frustrating as all get out, I don't know what is. Especially if the recipe is a really great tasting one. I would love to see your conversions as well. Thank you too for doing something so special for those of us who do have to watch everything we eat. I think you have a great idea on your hands Melizza!
Apr 5, 2005
Not only is that a great idea, but it would give you at least a $200 show each month! Great thinking!
Are others of you thinking about book clubs, STARTING a cooking club, Mother's clubs...what about getting moms out of the house for one night a month with only a $20 expense for dinner and products? What a great idea!!