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Handle for round Chillzanne platter

Jan 3, 2005
I am looking for a handle for the round Chillzanne platter. I had a lady whose husband broke hers and it was her favorite. She said she is willing to purchase the whole set if she has to. If anyone can help please email me at [email protected] Thanks


Gold Member
Nov 9, 2005
Let me know if you have to purchase the whole product. My Aunt was drying off her round Chillzanne dome lid and it cracked. And of course it's warranty just ran out and she has been asking me to find her one since somtime in the summer. I will be willing to buy the lid if possible.

Angela Roark
Ind. Future Director
Corning, AR
Oct 16, 2005
I also need a handle for the round chillzanne platter! Any Luck?

I have a customer that purchased the round chilzanne platter a few years ago and she did not order the handle. She loves the platter but is in desperate need of the handle because it doesn't stay together without it. I am a new consultant and would make this woman very happy if I could find it for her. If anyone has any information I would be forever grateful. Thanks Liz Sudman. My email is [email protected].. Thanks


May 19, 2005
Round Chillzanne Platter

I recently had a request for 3 new covers for the discontinued part.
I spoke with home office and you can still use the same replacement part number but you will have to manually type it in. The cost is $11.50. I think when they run out, that's it for the parts. Act fast.