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Food for Thought about bookings


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Sep 8, 2008
*I was doing some background research on who Tammy Stanley is- since she's the guest speaker at the NC Workshop. While looking at some of her products, I saw this and thought it was very eye-opening. In fact, I think I need to print it and put it on my wall above my desk!!*

-------(from her website)-----
When you first became a direct sales consultant, you were probably told that the key was getting the first few home shows and after that, your future business would come from the home shows that would be booked from those first home shows.

I need to emphasize that there's nothing wrong with being told that. Point blank, you would have more business than you could handle in just two months of starting your business, even if you only started with one home show, by always generating two bookings at every show.

Now depending on how long you've been in direct sales, you might have already heard about, "The Booking that Got Away." The following diagram shows you what happens in your business when you fail to generate two bookings from every show you hold. Just as an example, let's suppose your average earnings from a show are $150.


As you can see, generating only one booking from every show instead of two results in 4 shows held in an eight week period of time as opposed to 15!

It also adds up to $1,650 of lost opportunity and only $600 in profits. That's right, instead of earning $2,250 in those 8 weeks you would only earn $600.

Also, beginning with the seventh week of your business you could have four shows a week! You cannot afford to ignore the overwhelmingly positive impact of generating two bookings from every show!

Becoming a master at this easily increases your business by 300%!

Liquid Sky

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Jun 8, 2008
Thanks for posting this! It has really opened up my eyes to the possibility that will occur when I get 2 or more bookings per show :D


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Sep 20, 2005

It makes me more excited to hear her at Conference!

And for those who are going - ALWAYS make one of your workshops the Special Speaker workshop! All of the others will be available online, and you can learn from them....but this is a one time shot to hear the special speaker!