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Did This Ever Happen To Anyone !


Jul 6, 2005
I could have died ! I had a show last weekend my host ended up signing ! There was another women there who was so interested in joining she asked me a million questions , i listened and let her ask the questions , i was calm even though I was so excited ! So we talked I gave her all the info she wanted. She said she needed to make sure it was ok with her husband and for me to call her on tuesday and she would let me know then.
So tuesday comes , I called her ! I siad Hi this is Danielle I met you at Kims show , blah blah blah , she said what do you want ! I was like well i was following up with you like we had discussed. She said well Iam not interested and dont call me I will call you ! Then she hung up !!! I almost died !!! She told me to call her tuesday ! So I did ! Unreal !
I didnt let it get to me though , I laugh about it now ! Iam so not good at making calls to begin with and then this has to go and happen ! Now Iam even more scared to use the phone !
So has anyone else had something like this happen ! :eek:


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May 6, 2005
Wow. That must've been quite a surprise! Chances are, her husband talked her out of it. That's such a bummer. Do you have her email address? Hopefully she gave it to you and maybe you could just email her a recipe, say you enjoyed meeting her and casually ask what seemed to change her mind so suddenly. Of course this conversation would be better in person or on the phone, but you don't want to irritate her. I have a feeling someone has talked her out of it, whether it's her husband or family.

I've had people be less excited about the opportunity than at first, but I've never had someone make that big of a switch. Good luck! Let us know what happens!


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May 18, 2005
Happened last year

Hi Danielle,

I can TOTALLY relate. Last year, I had a show the day before conference, and there was a guest who came as a friend who had never even heard of Pampered Chef. She was so excited about the opportunity. She was a single mom living with her parents, and she knew that PC would help her get out of debt and get her living on her own; after the show, we talked for a bit, really clicked, and then she called her parents to ask if they'd be willing to help out with the baby while she did kitchen shows. The parents were very supportive and said they'd help. I sent her on her way with some information. I told her I was leaving for conference and I'd call her when I returned. Well, I called her from conference because I was so excited, and she was just as excited, too, and was getting shows lined up. I got home two days later, called her to set up a date to meet, and got her answering machine. No problem - I left a message and also sent her an e-mail telling her about the awesome promotion announced at conference. She never called back. I called two more times in the next week; no response. Finally, her MOTHER called me back and said the recruit was no longer interested but was too embarrassed to call me back.

I've never heard from her again. Oh well. Easy come, easy go. :)

Good luck, Danielle. It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job recruiting! Don't let it keep you from sharing the opportunity!


janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
Maybe she was just having a really bad day, although that is still not an excuse to be rude to you. I would definately send her an e-mail again like Becky said- maybe not right now but in a few weeks or so. You could e-mail her a recruiting flyer of the current recruiting promotion or something like that.

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Aug 11, 2005
Did this....

It sounds like her husband is very controlling. Maybe he was home when you called and perhaps she was afraid of the consequences.


Jan 31, 2005

Have you heard back from this woman since you last spoke to her? Anything could have happened - whether someone talked her out of it or she was having a bad day, just keep in mind that it wasn't you! Maybe she forgot she told you to call her on Tuesday?!?! You offered her a great opportunity. Give her some more time, maybe she'll be able to think things over again. But until then keep sharing with others!! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job so don't let this get to you. I too have a hard time calling people because I am afraid I'll catch then at a bad time. But unless there is a device that tells us if it a good time or bad time to call someone, we'll never know! Keep it up and let us know when you talk to her again! ;)


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Oct 11, 2005
dianevill said:
Finally, her MOTHER called me back and said the recruit was no longer interested but was too embarrassed to call me back.

I'm sorry... The MOTHER? OMG :eek: Good thing you didn't send her to a show!

Hey, Danielle... Hopefully, if she made a purchase, you'll be able to make contact with her when you do your Customer Care Calls. I agree with the rest of the ladies. Sounds like her husband may have talked her out of it.