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Defective Products? What do you think?


Sep 26, 2005
I personally have never had a PC item break down or tear up on me in 10 years. I have a customer/friend who has called up about the large serving spatula. The handle came loose from the stainless steel spatula. Before that a couple of months ago, another product out of her home broke down so to speak. Before that there was a problem with one of the self-sharpening knives. :confused:

Do YOU have a lot of people complaining about their products? Is it possible that people just aren't caring for their products? :confused:

Wait a minute.... I do remember this about myself.....I once put a chillzanner bowl with potato salad in the microwave by accident. It totally cooked and fried that bowl. I runied that bowl. That was the only thing that I could ever say about a product and that was my fault. :(

Do you have people call you and complain about their products? :eek:

Tricia Ann


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Mar 29, 2005
Yes, and it's always about the ice cream dipper losing it's shiny-ness. One lady is on her third one already! She's obviously not caring for it right. :(


Aug 7, 2005
Wait a minute...

...before I became a teacher, I worked in a very high-end restaurant. Many would consider me to be a gourmet cook. I have had the MOST problems with PC tools that my recruiter has ever heard of. I have been through 5 choppers, 2 knives (finally decided that they are great for those that have never used a premium knife...which is fine for most of our clients. What I now tell guests is that ANY knife will need to be professionally sharpened if it's used often. The great thing about PC knives is that you can choose to return instead of having to take them to be sharpened.), broken the guide rails on the US&G, had the olive pitter fall apart on me, don't even get me started about the Egg Slicer Plus. My point is...I TAKE CARE OF MY PRODUCTS! I hand wash things that need to be handwashed, use them in appropriate ways, etc...but I use things OFTEN, because I cook often. I don't know if I've just had bad luck, karma, or if it's the products, but don't automatically assume if there's a problem it's with the user. The good news is that the majority of the time, PC has replaced an item because it was still under warranty...with the exception of the olive pitter. It was slightly out of warranty when the pitter mechanism came off. I won't recommend this tool to clients. With all but the Egg Slicer Plus, these were issues that I'd had BEFORE I became a consultant, so obviously I can still appreciate the quality of the tools despite some problems. What was more important to me was that PC stood behind their products enough to FIX it when there was an issue. (Still think the Egg Slicer Plus is horrible, though...lol)

This was a long way to say....if a client has issues with a product, part of the benefit of being PC is that 9 times out of 10 we can FIX the issue. To me, that says it all.

Just my opinion,


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Jul 23, 2005
Just my 2 cents

I have never had a problem with PC products (yet)!! My husband and I own a resturant with a kitchen that never stops(or so it seems). We use PC knives, cutting boards, corer,etc and haven't had any problems yet..........it might just be luck on our part :cool: This is a good selling point for me in my shows, I have sold a wack load of knives!!


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Oct 11, 2005
I haven't had a problem personally, but I have replaced a few items for my clients: Knive set, after 10 years they stopped sharpening, quick stir pitcher warped lid after being used in dishwasher, and the ice cream dipper was placed in dishwasher by client's mother in law-- I swear its a plot. LOL