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Comparing E-Mail and Telephone for Effective Communication

emotional side of a conversation over the phone. I think it's important to see the face of the person you are talking to!
I am definitely a computer person, as a matter of fact I find that most people in my generation are (I'm 27). I find that sending e-mails is a great way to send someone a lot of information, in a short period of time. I would much rather have someone send me an e-mail than call me on the phone.

What is your opinion of host coaching through e-mail?
I too LOVE e-mail!! It's so exciting to click on Outlook Express and watch those emails roll in. BUT, I really don't like it for host coaching because you don't get the same feel from email as you do from speaking with someone online! You don't hear the excitement or disappointment in their voices!
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I guess I'm having a hard time overcoming my shyness. Picking up the phone, even once I have a show booked is like torture for me. I guess after a long day at work, I don't like to be stuck on the phone for a long time - and we all know those hosts who will chat our ear off......

I'm also not sure how effective my host coaching is. I always follow the tasks under the Host Contact Sheet for the appropriate week - and most of the them they just "mh hu" in response to my questions - especially when I encourage them to continue inviting others! It's almost like I'm nagging them...
I'd rather do email too, but for host coaching I definitely try to do it via the phone. I know it's a step outside of the comfort zone, but I would be willing to be you'd see better shows with more attendance and outside orders if you host coach by phone. That helps you click more with the host and in turn, I think she'd be willing to go that extra mile. Give it a try just for your next few shows and see if there's a difference. Plus, in terms of recruiting hosts as potential consultants, I think it's much more personable to talk by phone and form more of a relationship. I think that helps recruit hosts as potential consultants too. :)
Steph, I know exactly what you mean. I am a HUGE computer junkie. And I love the fact that I can do it in the middle of the night, if I have to. You can't call someone at 2:30 am now, can you?
But, I honestly think that host coaching should be done on the phone. This is coming from a person who definitely had phone-phobia. What I did to ease myself into it, was to leave messages. If you have Message Centre Manager from Bell Canada, you can leave a message for someone without actually calling them. And you can even leave a message even if they don't have call answer. I did this for the first few calls, just to get my feet wet and get used to picking up the phone.
Sunday night is generally my phone night - I set aside at least an hour, sometimes two, from 7:30-9:30, to get my phone stuff done.
I use: email, phone, and postcards for host coaching.

I have to work myself up to pick up the phone, but I believe it is very important tool in host coaching, especially b/c it helps build a rapport with my host if I don't know them very well. I tell myself that "at this point, they've decided to host a show so I am doing my job to help them be successful b/c isn't that what a consultant does?"
Things that make you say Hum!I just got off the phone with my director and this was one of the topics we discussed. I to prefer to communicate by email. It is easier for me to fit email into my schedule than feeling like I am racing against the clock trying to get all of my calls made between 7:30 and 9:00pm.

My director is insistant, like most of you, host calls are best done by phone. This is my challenge for the week. So, I have printed out a list of current and potential hosts and will try to make phone calls during my lunch hour tomorrow and some more after dinner.

Wish me luck -- and good luck to all you phone-phobics!
phoning hostsI think it depends on the host! If your host is computer savvy like you, I think e-mail is great! I just experienced this in August, and it was great. We didn't spend much time at all on the phone. (something both of us hate anyway!)

I also believe in the phone method as well. Some people can't pick up on the tones of an e-mail, but you can in a phone conversation. I don't think many people like talking on the phone, and it's something you have to get accustomed to doing.

Good luck with all!
Julie :eek:
Feels SafeI think we all love email so much b/c it makes us feel safe...but I must agree, host coaching is best on the phone...you break through the barrier...email makes you "feel" like you know someone, but once you have had phone convo's you truly make a connection... Think of how nervous the phone makes us feel even if you have emailed someone a thousand times, and that just shows the precise difference and depth in the phone connection vs. email.
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I agree with everyone :)

I make a call first. If I don't get through then comes the email with all the details. Usually by the second call I find out if they are easier to catch by phone or email.

One thing I would like to recommend is giving the host reminder cards for the fridge and reminder stickers for their date book or wall calendar. This gives them the dates they are to mail their invites, call reminders, and the date/time of their show. I include my info on these as well so they don't have to go look for it. My attendence at shows went up when I started this, because I as well have phone phobias.

You can find the reminders at Nancy's artwork or Town and Country Marketing
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I really like the-mail system as well, but when it comes to host coaching I would rather be in person. At least for the first call, instead of on the phone, I like to meet somewhere. It can sometimes be McDonald's that we meet at, but it seems to get the hosts more excited. It gives you more 1 on 1 time with out any distractions and it makes her feel more important to you as you have set aside a special time in your busy calendar to meet with her. It also gives her a great chance to open up and ask any questions she may possibly have for you. I understand that not all of us can do this because we all have such busy schedules, but if you have the time, please try it. It will help get your host excited about the show which will get all of her guests excited about it.
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awesome idea.. and a little tip..Awesome idea Lauren! I'm especially going to use this when I'm talking to my potential recruits.. FIVE people!! I got FIVE potential recruits in the past month!!! (courteous of a hard, stressful, and stretching mall show!) I'm kind of overwhelmed with it all I think. Especially when I think "if I get all 5 recruited, I become a Director".. and then I start to loose it.. lol

God bless.. and good luck with the phone thing. I hated calling too. But you know what helps me? I can't sit at my desk and call someone, but I can talk to ANYONE while washing my counter! Guess it helps that cleaning is my stress-reliever. But I guess it's a tip. Doing something that is a non-thinknig stress reliever while you're on the phone. Once I get talking to the person, it's easier for me to sit at the kitchen table or on the couch in order to look at a flyer, or my calender and give them more answers for their questions.. Just a thought!
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EmailI mainly use postcards and email. I will call the host after I mail the packet - to answer any questions and get them excited. I have had several hostesses tell me how wonderful the post cards are. I'm not much of a phone person, but I do make a couple of calls.

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PhoneI definately think the phone is the way to go! You need to get to know your hostess or host as a person. E-mail does not allow you to "bond" with your host and form a relationship with this person. The only thing I use e-mail for is recipe selections and guest lists. I try to talk to each of my hosts at least 3 times! Makes a huge difference in their show! Making it wonderful for them and fantastic for me!

Step out of that comfort zone and tell yourself that this is your job and you need to do it! You will be happy when you do!

1. What are the advantages of using email over telephone for communication?

Email allows for asynchronous communication, meaning that the recipient can respond at their convenience. It also provides a written record of the conversation for future reference. Additionally, email can be easily forwarded to others for collaboration or reference.

2. When should I use the telephone instead of email for communication?

The telephone is best used for urgent or time-sensitive matters, as it allows for immediate back-and-forth conversation. It is also useful for discussing complex or sensitive topics that may require a more personal touch or tone.

3. Can I use email for important or formal communication?

Yes, email can be used for important or formal communication. However, it is important to use a professional tone and format, as well as carefully proofread for any errors or misunderstandings.

4. Is email or telephone better for building relationships with clients or colleagues?

Both email and telephone can be used effectively for building relationships. Email allows for more frequent and convenient communication, while telephone allows for a more personal and immediate connection. It is best to use a combination of both for building strong relationships.

5. Are there any downsides to using email as a primary form of communication?

Email can sometimes be less efficient than telephone for quick decision-making or problem-solving. It also may not convey tone or emotion as effectively as a phone call. Additionally, emails can get lost in a cluttered inbox or be overlooked, so it is important to follow up if a response is needed.

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