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Christmas booking


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Jan 16, 2005
ok this is not mine, i cannot take credit for it, but i love it!!

The 12 days of DECEMBER
Host a kitchen show on one of the 12 days of December and recv the gift of the day.
1-1 smooth edge can opener
2 -2qt classic batter bowl
3-3 seasonings of your choice
4-4 cutting everything kitchen shears
5-5 inch utility knife
6-6 cup stoneware loaf pan
7-7 inch x4 small oval baker
8-8inch x 6 bar board & cheese knife
9-9inch x 13 cutting board
10- 10inch tall family size pitcher
11 - 11 inch easy accent decorator
12 -12 cup chillzanne bowl

how cool would this be as an ice breaker.. pass these out on a sheet have everone sing to the theme of 12 days of Christmas.... they have it in hand and a jingle in there head and for a BONUS they can have it in there house in time for Christmas ....

make sure you put a clause at the end....

*to be eligible to recv gift you must hold show on the original day and guest sales must total $400 or more.

What do you think.... i'd be willing to pay that to get my december high... then think about the bookings for the new year......


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Mar 29, 2005
I think it's great if you have that much money to put out. I have 3 children under the age of 5 and Christmas is already tough buying for extended family. Right now, for December, I have 3 kitchen shows and 2 catalog shows lined up. I also have 2 shows the last week of November so I'm turning those in December. I'm hoping to get more bookings from my fest this weekend to help bring in the $5000 in sales that i"m wanting!! I have 10 prospects that I need to call tonight and that booth only cost me $40.
That's just me though.
Good Luck to you and let us know how it turns out. Maybe I'll try it next year if my bookings are not good. :eek:


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Jan 16, 2005
christmas bookings...

I am sure it could be adjusted for smaller items... just have not had time to research it out yet.

Good for you!! Good luck!! :D


Here's what I'm going to use on mine:

Day 1 1-quart Small Batter Bowl 10.00
Day 2 2½-inch Petite Squares 10.75
Day 3 3-TBSP Large Scoop 10.50
Day 4 4 Stainless Steel Serving Picks 10.00
Day 5 5-inch blade Cheese Knife 8.00
Day 6 6-inch Bar Board & Knife Set 8.50
Day 7 7-piece Cake Sencil Set 11.00
Day 8 8-piece Creative Cutters Set 10.00
Day 9 9-inch Nonstick Cake Pan 9.00
Day 10 10-inch Small Round Stone 14.50
Day 11 11-inch Classic Scraper 10.00
Day 12 12-inch Easy Clean Kitchen Brush & Nylon Pan Scraper Set 10.25