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Characteristics of a Consultant


Apr 22, 2005
I have heard at a couple of my shows about people's horror stories about consultants that they'd booked with and was wondering, if you could describe the characteristics, qualities, and must-do's as a consultant.

Here's a couple that I've thought about:

1) Be conscientious regarding menu selection, one past host said that her consultant made her buy over $60 in food, and didn't even use half of it!

2) Clean up your mess! another past host said that her consultant left food all over the floor, made no effort to clean up the dirty dishes that she made, etc.

3) Have fun. I was really surprised to hear from different people that a consultant's rigidity and strict adherence to a specific format didn't make for much fun for guests- they stopped attending those shows and definitely didn't book any b/c the consultant came across as rude.

Can you think of any others from your experiences?


Novice Member
Dec 29, 2004
here's another

Be flexible. I really try and listen to what my host wants. I try to taylor the party to her needs. I try to treat each party as a unique one. I don't want my hosts to ever feel like "just a number." This is HER party!