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Carmel Apple Dessert Duo



I am hosting my Open House this weekend to kick off my Pampered Chef business, and I was thinking of making the Carmel Apple Dessert Duo as one of my recipes (I'm also making the Easy Artichoke Pizza)

I was wondering if anyone has tried these, and what are your thoughts.

I also wanted to say what a great group this is, so many ideas!


It's in the Season's Best Fall/Winter 2005.
I thought it sounded good too, and great for fall.


Aug 5, 2005
I made this at a show I had in Sep. everyone LOVED it. I got 2 bookings from that show and both hosts requested to have the dessert at their party. I thought of it more as an appitizer than a dessert though.
I would defenetly recommend making the tortilla chips that go with it, they went faster than the apple slices!

Kitchen Consultant for
The Pampered Chef
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Sep 20, 2005
i agree with autumn....It is very easy to make, just don't try to do 50 things at once like me, I kind of burt 1/2 of my chips b/c I was trying to do millions of other things. It's ok b/c my husband still loved the dips and so did my director and co-consultant...we had a meeting together the day after I made it and brought it with me...they ate most of it and what they didn't eat, their kids ate. Wedged apples are also good to dip in them and it;s easy if you have the apple wedger!!!


Ok, I have to say that everyone LOVED the Caramel Apple Duo. It was a hit. I had leftovers of the apple salsa, and served it over vanilla ice cream last night. I also recommend making the easy artichoke pizza from the Seasons Best fall/winter...YUM

Also my open house went pretty well, only 9 people showed up, but I had a $407.00 show and got 4 bookings out of it.
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