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Can this be done????


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Jun 27, 2005
I have a hostess who had a $1000 show. She wants to do this and I am so hoping that she can, but I thought I would come to the experts.
She wants to use her $215 free credit and get the 5 piece exec and pay the extra money. She gets 4 half price combos and wants to get 3 of the cookware combos and one other thing.
Is this allowed? I know there was a thread on this and most thought okay, but I wasn't sure with this much cookware if I could do it or not.

Thanks bunches



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May 18, 2005
Why not?

I don't see why she couldn't. It's her free, half-price, and discount products.

Yay, Pan-O-Rama for you!!!



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Jan 13, 2006
Yep, and in addition, she will get 30% off the balance of the 5 pc cookware set that she is using her $215 on!! That means that the balance due for the 5 pc set will only be $ 7.

Just make sure to checkmark the correct boxes in PP...they will check the first ones you enter as the half priced items until the half priced items are all used up.

Congrats! Sounds like you will earn lots of FREE cookware!!!